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What scary movies take place in Texas? The second most popular place for scary movies is the state!

According to a recent report by InsureMyTrip, Texas is the second most common location in the United States for filming horror movies.

With a total of 92 horror films, Missouri City, Texas, ranks as the third most often used location for the genre. Films filmed in Missouri City include “They Wait in the Dark” (2022) and “The Cursed Tomb” (2009).

One of the most renowned and identifiable horror films set in the state is the 1974 classic “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. It was shot near Austin, mainly in Leander, Kingsland, and Bastrop.

According to InsureMyTrip’s Director of Marketing, Sarah Webber, “Visiting the location of your favorite horror film is always a fun vacation to take around Halloween.” If you’re a fan of frightening movies, our research can help you limit your options so you can book your vacation early and save money.

It’s no surprise that California topped the list with almost 2400 horror films, including such classics as “Halloween,” “The Shining,” and “Psycho.” The Sunshine State ranked #3 with 749 horror flicks.

Many of the most memorable fright flicks were shot in the Lone Star State.

Roughly 1089 horror films have been partially or wholly set there.

How to find and watch a handful of Texan-themed or -filmed horror films

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The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972)

This legendary film portrays a sasquatch-like monster in a documentary style.

Viewing Locations: Obtainable for lease or sale.

Phantom of the Paradise (1974)

Brian De Palma and Paul Williams feature in this odd cult horror musical from 1974. Williams composed the film’s music as well.

Viewing Locations: Hulu now offers live TV streaming.

Manos: Hands of Fate (1966)

El Paso, Texas, served as the setting for this historically terrible film.

You can watch it on YouTube for free right now.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (all films)

The first film was shot in the backyard of an Austinite and UT alumni before it established a franchise that has scared generations of moviegoers.

Free streaming is available on services including PLEX, Amazon Prime Video, The Roku Channel, Amazon Instant Video, PLEX, and Pluto TV.

Race with the Devil (1975)

Peter Fond and Warren Oats play protagonists who battle Satanists in this film.

Viewing Locations: Obtainable for lease or sale.

Piranha (1978)

A group of the titular stars make their way out of a botched military experiment and into the lake, where they feast on swimmers.

You may watch it without spending a dime on platforms including YouTube, Pluto TV, Tubi, Peacock, Sling TV, The Roku Channel, Vudu, Crackle, Amazon Prime Video, and PLEX.

 Student Bodies (1981)

In this film, a serial murderer terrorizes a university by killing off students and teachers.

This movie is available for free on Pluto TV.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976)

Texarkana, the Texarkana Ranger, is on a mission to find out who is responsible for tormenting the Texarkana inhabitants.

This movie is available to watch for free on Amazon Prime Video.

The Swarm (1978)

A scientist and the military join forces to battle killer bees that have lethal venom and strike without explanation.

This movie is available for free on YouTube.

 Deadly Blessing (1981)

Wes Craven conceived of this terrifying movie. Sharon Stone, Maren Jensen, Jeff East, and Lisa Hartman are the leads in this slasher flick.

Viewing Locations: Obtainable for lease or sale.

Bats (1999)

The citizens of Gallup, Texas, are in danger, as genetically modified bats have escaped captivity, and only a bat specialist and the town sheriff can stop them.

You can watch it for free on PLEX, YouTube, Tubi, and the Roku Channel.

Frailty (2001)

A guy visits the office of an FBI agent and shares the story of how, as a youngster, he saw his religious fanatic father murder individuals he believed to be demons after receiving visions instructing him to do so.

Viewing Locations: Obtainable for lease or sale.

Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)

Elvis Presley is alive and well, living out his golden years in an East Texas retirement community after having exchanged places with an Elvis imposter many years ago. Now, in order to preserve the town’s people’s eternal souls, he must join forces with a guy who claims to be John F. Kennedy and battle an ancient Egyptian mummy.

You may watch it without spending a dime by using Pluto TV or a Redbox.

Near Dark (1987)

A farm lad from the Midwest unwittingly joins a group of Southern vampires driving about in stolen automobiles on the highways in “Near Dark” (1987).

The movie isn’t currently available on any rental or streaming sites, unfortunately.

My Best Friend Is a Vampire (1987)

This Jimmy Huston-directed American comedy-horror movie stars Robert Sean Leonard.

This film may be seen online with an Amazon Prime membership and a MovieSphere account.

My Boyfriend’s Back (1993)

Even death can’t keep one guy from getting the gal in this zombie flick.

Viewing Locations: Obtainable for lease or sale.

The Faculty (1998)

Robert Rodriguez, a local superstar, directed a film about a bunch of kids who have a hunch that their instructors are really aliens.

You may watch it online right now if you have a Peacock or Paramount Plus membership.

House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

Two adolescent couples are exploring the Texas countryside in search of serial murderers based on urban legends. They encounter a strange and nasty family along the way and ultimately become their captives.

Where to watch: Watch for free on Pluto TV.

The Mist 2007

The Mist 2007

Is it possible to add more gloom to a Stephen King novella? Director Frank Darabont takes on the tale of a tiny village in Maine that is trapped in a grocery store as a strange mist rolls in, bringing with it terrifying hidden animals.

Viewing Locations: Obtainable for lease or sale.

Grindhouse and Plan Planet Terror (2007)

Robert Rodriguez, a master of the horror genre, directed both films here.

Sling TV and the Roku Channel both provide “Grindhouse” for free. Rentals and sales of “Planet Terror” are now being accepted.

Death Proof (2007)

As one half of the “Grindhouse” double feature (together with Robert Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror”), “Proof” takes some interesting risks in its mashup of genres, moving beyond standard slasher conventions to focus on the empowerment of women. A rare Kurt Russell supervillain also makes an appearance in “Proof.” Stuntman Mike is a serial murderer who rides about in his “death-proof” automobile looking for ladies to kill. He thinks he has a tough crowd until he crosses up with three female buddies (Zoe Bell, Rosario Dawson, and Tracie Thoms).

You may watch it for free with a Sling TV subscription.

Teeth (2007)

Dawn is introduced to Tobey at a group session at the high school, where she is an active member of the abstinence club. Tobey gets overbearing and tries to impose himself on Dawn throughout their date. After a particularly violent meeting, they discover she is a real-life dentata myth.

Amazon Prime Video is the best place to view it for free.

The Devil’s Rejects (2005 )

The town’s sheriff and a group of armed men attack the Firefly family at their home, but Baby and Otis are able to flee without harm. Hiding in a hotel, the siblings meet up with their father, Captain Spaulding, and murder anyone who stands in their way of freedom.

Viewing Locations: Obtainable for lease or sale.

 All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

Girls everywhere want to be as popular as Mandy Lane is with the guys. However, Mandy and her pals have at least one assassin in their midst.

The movie isn’t currently available on any rental or streaming sites, unfortunately.

I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

Written and directed by Steven R. Monroe, with performances by Sarah Butler, Daniel Franzese, Jeff Branson, Rodney Eastman, and Chad Lindberg, “The Ritual” was released in 2010.

Where to watch: Stream on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

The Wicker Tree (2011)

The screenplay and direction of “The Wicker Tree” were both done by Robin Hardy. Actors Henry Garrett, Christopher Lee, Graham McTavish, and Jacqueline Leonard are featured in the film.

Vudu and PLEX provide free streaming.

The Houses That October Built (2014)

The Houses That October Built 2014

In the horror flick, a gang of buddies explores subterranean haunts while on a road trip and encounters some strange events.

You may watch it on Tubi without spending a dime.

Friday the 13th (2009)

Friday, October 13 of that year, 2023, is your last opportunity to see “Friday the 13th” in its original form.

Counting the reboot from 2009 and the crossover between Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees from 2003, there have been a total of twelve “Friday the 13th” films.

Where to watch: If you have a Max membership, you may watch it there.

The Tomb (The) (2009)

This movie is known as The Cursed Tomb. Michael Staininger directed the film, which starred Wes Bentley, Kaitlin Doubleday, Eric Roberts, Sofia Skya, Michael Madsen, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa.

The Roku Channel is the place you go to stream content for free.

Exists (2014)

Edgardo Sánchez (“The Blair Witch Project”) helms this chiller, which also stars Chris Osborn, Dora Madison Burge, and Roger Edwards.

The plot follows five pals as they go to Texas for a camping vacation and see Bigfoot. The shooting took place in Bastrop.

Location-free viewing is available through Pluto TV, The Roku Channel, Amazon Prime Video, and PLEX.

Satanic Panic (2019)

Sam (Hayley Griffith), a poor college student, gets her first delivery job bringing pizza to a gang of wealthy Satanists, where their leader, Danica (Rebecca Romijn), determines that Sam would make the ideal virgin sacrifice.

You may watch it on Tubi without spending a dime.

The Dark and the Wicked (2020)

Just as things on the farm start to get worse due to a sinister, shape-shifting figure, a dying old man (Michael Zagst) and his wife (Julie Oliver-Touchstone) welcome their adult daughter (Marin Ireland) and son (Michael Abbott Jr.).

Viewing Locations: Obtainable for lease or sale.

X (2022)

In 1979, a group of teenage filmmakers in rural Texas set out to create an R-rated picture. Their old, reclusive hosts catch them in the act, and the actors and crew must battle for their lives.

Viewing Locations: Obtainable for lease or sale.

A Town Full of Ghosts (2022)

Isaac Rodriguez directed this picture about a young couple’s quest to repair a ghost town and defeat the demon that haunts it.

Places to see it online: Stream it for free on PLEX, Amazon Prime Video, and Tubi.

 The Devil’s Candy (2015)

Demons invade the home of Ethan Embry, a struggling Austin painter, and his family (wife and daughter). Paradise Lost is “Amityville Horror,” and “Love” is “Amityville’s version of Horror.”

You may watch it on Tubi without spending a dime.

A Ghost Story (2017)

A Ghost Story 2017webp

A recently departed man returns to his suburban house in a white sheet to soothe his grieving wife, only to discover that he has grown unhinged with the passage of time. He is forced to observe silently as the life he knows and the woman he loves slowly slip away.

Viewing Locations: Obtainable for lease or sale.

Bird Box (2018)

The sole defense against the unknown creatures that cause instant, fatal insanity with only sight is a mask (in this example, a blindfold) in the horror film “Bird Box” (2018).

Access it with a Netflix membership.

Satanic Hispanics (2023)

Just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month comes an anthology of films by five different Latino directors. In El Paso, Texas, police stormed a residence and discovered many Latino victims and one survivor (Efren Ramirez). When questioned, he talks about demons, monsters, the undead, and mythology from Latin America.

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They Wait in the Dark (2022)

Patrick Rea was in charge of directing this movie. Meagan Flynn, Laurie Catherine Winkel, John Thomson, and Sarah McGuire all have starring roles.

Viewing Locations: Obtainable for lease or sale.

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