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Ending explanation of Summertime Season 2 – Who Will Summer Pick?

The Summertime Season 2 ending is with sorrowful tears in Summer’s eyes. At last, she thinks that the outcome of her love affair with Ale will not always same. If Lola lives, he will be on her side without any guilt. but when if she dies, he feels haunted and responsible or probably turns into a recluse and leaves to struggle for good.

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Summer is here, and our characters are back with more drama, romance, and heartbreak. This time, the plot revolves around the summer season. Summer and Edo are happy together at the start of the season, while Ale is racing with his new girlfriend, Lola.

Ale’s affections for summer resurface when he returns for the weekend, further complicating matters. That is ultimately the focal point of the drama, with various other loves bubbling and simmering in the background.

What is going to happen to Edo?

Summer and Edo both applied to university together early on. They find out they’ve been admitted late following their break-up, which causes some significant embarrassment. Summer eventually decides not to go. She informs Edo of the situation and the two-part ways. Edo determines that there is nothing left for him and announces to his parents that he is leaving for Hamburg. There are various universities in the area, and he believes he requires a fresh start. He also says his goodbyes to Giulia just before leaving.

Why is Sofia so irritated about summer?

Summer and Sofia had been drifting apart during the season. Summer has concealed several secrets from her best friend, including how she started sleeping with Ale and all of the Edo drama.

We finally learn summertime Netflix season 2 why this so touches her in conclusion. Summer became Sofia’s first love, which explains why she’s been so sad and hung up on her.

What will happen to Dario? Is he going to marry Rita in the end?

Rita questioned Dario’s commitment to being with her and looking after David during episode 7. Dario packs his belongings and prepares to return to Rome with his family and friends, although everything appears to be against him.

On the other hand, David sends Dario a message claiming it’s his birthday. It turns out it isn’t, and it’s just a pretext to buy some things and meet him. When Dario comes, he tells Rita the truth and declares his love for her.

In the last scene, the two resolve to make the best of it, with Dario engrossed in family life.

What happens at the end of Summertime Season 2?

After her summer performance, summertime season 2 casts Isabelle announces her pregnancy to Anthony. When he learns, the two share a thoughtful moment on the sofa. Will they be able to keep the child? Sofia reconnects with Irene after finishing her speech. Irene pushes her to join her in Milan, even though it is only a brief stay.

The great drama here is Ale’s final championship race. Summer, like everyone else, enjoys watching Ale race.

Jacobi Sandro has been a thorn in Ale’s side all season, and the two race with the championship on the line. On the other hand, Lola gets too near Ale’s bike and collapses on the racecourse.

Ale abandons his claim to fame, pulling over to the side of the road and checking on her. Sandra eventually wins the race, but Lola’s life is on the line. Ale is filled with emotion and falls to the ground, sobbing in Summertime Season 2 ending.

 In the end, who does summer choose?

It’s evident that she has affection for Ale and has done so since season one.  Summertime Season 2 essentially sees her switch back and forth between Ale and Edo before putting Jonas into the mix as a third curveball in this love triangle.

She says her goodbyes to Jonas at the bus stop after sleeping with him earlier, while Edo appears to be on his way to Hamburg. She’s picked Ale, as evidenced by the closing sight watching the race on TV. Will Lola’s life-threatening crash, however, influence his emotions?

Is Lola no longer alive?

Lola’s life is on the line, and the fact that she isn’t moving suggests she is seriously injured, potentially with a fractured neck or spine. It’s tough to show that because of the shaky-cam employed in these images, but it appears she’s still alive. That is unquestionably the more plausible option in terms of a possible follow-up.

That is, however, still open to interpretation. Before we get an answer, we’ll have to wait and see if Netflix approves a third season.


Grateful for spending the time to read our article on How to Explain the Ending! What were your thoughts on the conclusion of Summertime Season 2 ending Do you believe summer made the best decision? Is Lola still alive and well? Your valuable comments are appreciated.

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