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‘Paranormal Activity’ Franchise Box Set Will Give You the “Ultimate Chills” This October

On October 11, the Blu-ray box set will be available to purchase.

The ‘Paranormal Activity’ Franchise is on Blu-ray for the very first time, just in time for Halloween. Horror fans will get the opportunity to relive the spine-chilling dread of The whole film series being released together for the first time in this format. The Paranormal Activity: Ultimate Chills Collection box set will be available for purchase on October 11, just in time for the frightening holiday season, making it the perfect gift for fans who have been itching to get back into the genre.

In addition to digital copies, the Blu-ray package includes reversible artwork associated with each title, an exclusive home security sticker, and both. In addition, the box set will include each of the seven films that have been released as part of the film franchise. This includes the most recent film, titled Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin, which is making its debut in a physical media release for the very first time after having its world premiere on Paramount+ in the previous year.

Fans will be able to enjoy both the theatrical and unrated versions of the films included in the box set for the first six iterations of the franchise. Additionally, the box set will have different endings for the first film, as well as the two most recent installments in the series. In addition to the nine Blu-ray discs that come with the collection, it also contains a 3D copy of the film “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension,” which is the only film in the series that has been released in that format.

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Along with the release of all of the films in the series, the box set will also come with a 90-minute documentary titled Unknown Dimension: The Story of Paranormal Activity. This documentary focuses on the long journey that the franchise took from the beginning as a modest independent film to becoming the hit franchise that it ultimately became. In addition to including interviews with members of the film’s cast and crew, the documentary will delve deeply into the influence that the franchise has had on fans while also presenting previously unseen footage.

The first film in the Paranormal Activity franchise debuted in 2007 to favorable reviews, with many of the compliments aimed toward the inventive ways in which the discovered footage format was utilized throughout the film. The success of the movie spawned a number of sequels, which eventually turned into a franchise.

Even though the reception that the sequels received from reviewers was mixed, the franchise continued to be successful at the box office for a number of years. In spite of the initial success of the franchise, it seems that the series’ forward momentum has slowed down due to the fact that there has not been a theatrical release since 2015. Horror fans can now enjoy a marathon of the legendary franchise and relive the genre-defining suspenseful thrills that the brand is most known for thanks to the release of all the films combined in the definitive box set.

On October 11, consumers will be able to purchase the Ultimate Chills Collection of Paranormal Activity films. Watch the official trailer for Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin by clicking on the following link:

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