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‘Don’t Worry Darling’: Kiki Layne Says Most of Her Scenes Were Cut From Film

They left us out of the majority of the film, but in reality, we are doing quite well for ourselves.

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‘Don’t Worry Darling’: Kiki Layne, one of the numerous stars of the film Don’t Worry Darling, has disclosed that the majority of the scenes she filmed with her co-star Ari’el Stachel have been removed from the final product of the film. This comes after the film directed by Olivia Wilde, which was released in theatres across the United States over the weekend, had already stirred up quite a bit of controversy prior to this development.

‘Don’t Worry Darling’: Kiki Layne

Layne mentioned that the vast majority of the scenes she filmed with Stachel for the movie did not end up being included in the final product in a post that she published to her Instagram account to celebrate the launch of the film. Layne accompanied a photo that featured a video of her and Stachel on the set of Don’t Worry Darling with the words, “They cut us from much of the movie, but thrive in real life.” The post featured the video.

The hashtags “#GotMyCheck,” “#GotMyMan,” and “#EverythingHappensforaReason” were used in conjunction with this statement. Layne, who plays Margaret Watkins in the movie, admitted in the same tweet that she still loved being a part of the movie. She wrote, “The nicest thing about #Don’tWorryDarling is that I was lucky enough to meet @arielstachel… Love you, Ari.”

Although neither Stachel nor Layne provided any additional information regarding the deleted sequences, Stachel did post an Instagram message expressing his gratitude to his co-star, Layne. The fact that Stachel, who plays the role of Layne’s husband Ted, has captioned a sequence of photographs of himself on set with Layne with the phrase “My favorite part of my experience in Don’t Worry Darling. This woman performed incredible work, and from the moment I met her, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. In response to the statement, Layne just said, “Love you. We are thankful that God has brought us here to be together.”

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The film, which was released in theatres in the United States on September 23 and has already raked in $30 million globally, has been the subject of more than one controversy when Layne revealed that many of her sequences were omitted from the movie. After Florence Pugh failed to show up at a press conference held just prior to the film’s opening night at the 2022 Venice Film Festival, rumors began to circulate about possible tensions between Olivia Wilde, who starred as Bunny in the film and also directed it, and Florence Pugh, who plays Alice Chambers. Wilde directed the film, and Pugh plays Alice Chambers. This month

Pugh’s performance was praised by Wilde, despite reports that the two actors did not get along while they were working together. This occurred not too long after the controversy surrounding Harry Styles, who allegedly spat on Chris Pine, the actor who plays Frank, during the premiere of the movie.

Before any of this took place, Shia LaBeouf, who was at one point slated to play the part of Jack Chambers, rejected Olivia Wilde’s declaration that she had sacked him from the movie and stated that he had not been fired. LaBeouf was originally cast in the role of Style. In spite of all the purported drama, the film has reportedly already made an estimated $19.2 million in the United States, with an additional $10.8 million coming from regions in other countries.

Katie Silberman is the writer of the script for the psychological thriller Don’t Worry, Darling. The story for the film was developed by Carey Van Dyke and Shane Van Dyke, while the screenplay was written by Silberman.

The main characters of the film are a young married couple named Alice (Pugh) and Jack Chambers (Styles), who reside in the bucolic community of Victory in California during the 1950s. Alice has a sneaking suspicion that her husband’s company is harboring some unpleasant secrets, but it takes her some time to get to that conclusion. Gemma Chan, Nick Kroll, Sydney Chandler, Kate Berlant, Asif Ali, Douglas Smith, Timothy Simons, and Dita Von Teese are some of the other actors who appear in this movie.

Have No Fear! At the moment, the film Darling can be seen in theatres all throughout the United States.

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