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Live online streaming of American Horror Story, episode 3 of season 12

Watch online the live stream of the third episode of the American Horror Story season 12.

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The debut of American Horror Story: Delicate was sluggish. The second episode of the FX show has all the terrifying elements that make American Horror Story so popular.  Siobhan Corbyn (Kim Kardashian) first provided B12 shots to Anna Victoria Alcott (Emma Roberts). That’s what she claimed, at any rate. But after consuming it, Anna became really ill. The obstetrician assured her that this was to be expected. Fans of the show know there’s more to it.

A fan approached Anna afterward. As a result, Anna ends up murdering her by mistake. The way she figured it out, No dead lady was found in the restroom. Even when she finally received an award, the hallucinations persisted. Anna witnesses her spouse kissing audience members at random. She then vomits a black substance and collapses.

There are a few details in the third episode that need your attention. To begin, Anna’s skin has begun to peel. Perhaps she is shedding her skin. This behavior is typical of spiders. There was probably a point to the AHS promotional posters emphasizing spiders. Perhaps the weight of her unborn child has transformed her into a spider.

At the beginning of the episode, the investigators provide proof that no one was hiding out in Anna’s house. Anna discovered after her miscarriage that she never had an ultrasound and that the nurse who was supposed to do it no longer worked at the hospital. There are a few implications for this. Either she’s going crazy or there’s a magical explanation. It’s conceivable for both to occur. It’s likely that your hallucinations or paranormal experiences will worsen.

Finally, Siobhan has a strange thing going on. What Anna has, she could desire. Because of this, she would deliberately destroy Anna’s life. Perhaps Siobhan is Anna’s long-lost kid. If this occurred, it wouldn’t be the strangest thing in American Horror Story history.

Time of Season 12 Episode 3 of American Horror Story

Below, you’ll find information on when and where you can watch American Horror Story Season 12 Episode 3 and the remainder of the season.

TV info: FX

Stream: Hulu

Time: 10:00 p.m. ET

Episode: 3

Season: 12

Date: Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Season 12 of American Horror Story premieres on FX every Wednesday at 10 p.m. The next day, they were uploaded to Hulu for viewing.

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