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Horror Series Saw X Cast and Characters

The following article provides an overview of the cast of the horror series including both the actors and the respective roles they portray.

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The long-running horror series Saw makes a genuine effort to go back to its roots with the release of horror series Saw X. The movie is, as we said in our review, “the perfect blend of homage and innovation while putting the one and only John Kramer front and center (without having to deal with flashbacks).”

Director Kevin Greutert does this by placing Saw X between the events of the first and second Saw films, allowing audiences to travel in time to better understand Kramer and see a previously unseen side of him. Let’s be honest, however; the movie is just as cruel as always.

In anticipation of its debut, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the cast of Saw X, which includes both series regulars and newbies.

Saw X cast and characters

First, here’s everything you need to know about Saw 10, sometimes known as Saw X: Set between the events of Saw I and II, the plot follows a sick and desperate John as he goes to Mexico for a hazardous and experimental medical treatment in the hopes of a miraculous cure for his illness. John goes back to work with renewed vigor, using his trademark visceral methods to set a series of cunning and terrible traps for the scam artists.

John Kramer / Jigsaw: Tobin Bell

John Kramer Jigsaw Tobin Bell

Jigsaw murderer John Kramer (Tobin Bell) is back to his nefarious ways. Kramer devises elaborate and endlessly dismal traps in an effort to teach his victims a sobering lesson about the value of life over the course of the Saw series.

His terminal cancer diagnosis drives him to use questionable means to rekindle gratitude in individuals he considers to be ungrateful. His games are thoughtful, philosophical, and methodical, and they test the boundaries of what we consider to be good and wrong.

In Saw X, we witness a side of Kramer that has never been shown before. Not everyone in Saw is killed by the traps, producer Mark Burg assured Dexerto. This demonstrates John’s compassion and his concern for the people and the survivors of the traps, whom he hopes will continue to live and have a better life. More than anybody else, he really makes you feel for him.

The Firm, GoodFellas, The West Wing, and 24 are just a few of the films and TV programs in which Bell has acted throughout the years; yet, his performance as Kramer remains his most well-known.

Amanda Young: Shawnee Smith

Amanda Young Shawnee Smith

Considering the events of Saw X, it’s hardly surprising to see Shawnee Smith back as Amanda Young, Jigsaw’s apprentice. Amanda made her debut appearance in the film as one of Kramer’s victims who escaped from the Reverse Bear Trap, widely considered to be the most infamous of all Saw traps.

Having been caught due to her own destructive tendencies, she later takes up John Kramer’s ideology but modifies it for more sinister ends. Her complex and broken traps, which represent her own inner battles with redemption and sorrow, have little hope of survival.

Saw X reveals a new side of Amanda, much like it did of Kramer. While Greutert told Total Film, “She’s a major character in this story and I really wanted to explore that area between what we see in Saw 1 where she’s a very vulnerable recovering drug addict and the kind of sassy rebel in Saw 3, but Saw 2 in a way doesn’t really count as character development for her except for showing that she’s working with Jigsaw but she’s playing the role for the other characters that are trapped… hence, this provides an opening for her personality to grow.

Smith has acted in a number of films, including City on Fire, Anger Management, The Island, and Becker, but perhaps her most well-known part is that of Amanda.

Dr Cecilia Pederson: Synnøve Macody Lund

Dr Cecilia Pederson Synnove Macody Lund

Dr. Cecilia Pederson, played by Synnve Macody Lund, is a new addition to the series and an “antagonist.” As the teaser shows, she is the mastermind behind the con that Kramer falls for, and she is a nasty piece of work; as we all know, Jigsaw does not tolerate wrongdoing well.

Headhunters, Ragnarok, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, and Riviera are some of Lund’s most well-known films.

Henry Kessler: Michael Beach 

Henry Kessler Michael Beach jpeg

Michael Beach, who portrays Henry Kessler, a cancer sufferer Kramer encounters in a support group, is another newbie to Saw. Kessler’s account of the “miracle” Pederson Project is fascinating, and he is the one who shares it with Kramer.

Tulsa King, Dahmer, SWAT, The 100, Aquaman, If Beale Street Could Talk, Animal Kingdom, and True Romance are just a handful of the films in which Beach has appeared.

Gabriela: Renata Vaca

Gabriela Renata Vaca

Gabriela, played by Renata Vaca, is a timid and flirtatious character in Saw X. When Kramer visits the clinic in Mexico, she is there to welcome him, and she has nothing but praise for Pederson. However, as the preview reveals, she has been up to no good and falls for Jigsaw’s traps.

The part of Snow White in the forthcoming live-action adaptation, which ultimately went to Rachel Zegler, was up for grabs between Vaca and another contestant. Besides Rosario Tijeras, she has acted in History Lessons and La Reina Soy Yo.

Parker Sears: Steven Brand

Parker Sears Steven Brand jpg

In Saw X, Steven Brand plays Parker Sears, another victim of the con artist Pederson Project.

The Sandman, Teen Wolf, Vikings: Valhalla, and The Scorpion King are just a few of the films in which Brand has acted.

Mateo: Octavio Hinojosa

Mateo Octavio Hinojosa

Mateo, the alleged anesthesiologist for Kramer’s operation, is played by Octavio Hinojosa in The Pederson Project. He also sees Kramer’s face fall when he realizes he’s been had, which is to say when the tables have turned.

Cómo Sobrevivir Soltero, Sobreviv, Por la Máscara, and La Fiscal de Hierro are some of Hinojosa’s most well-known works.

Diego: Joshua Okamoto

Diego Joshua Okamotojpg

The part of Diego in Saw X is played by Joshua Okamoto. The kind taxi driver who picks Kramer up from the airport has a change of heart and yells blood-curdling things when he sees Kramer.

Okamoto has appeared in a number of films, including El Club, Narcos: Mexico, and Control Z.

Valentina: Paulette Hernandez

Valentina Paulette Hernandez

During Kramer’s operation, Paulette Hernandez’s character, Valentina, is presented as a “nurse” in Saw X. She’s complicit in the scheme, and she pays the price, but can she withstand Kramer’s sick and twisted version of redemption?

Besides Locos Por La Herencia and My Demons Never Swore Solitude, Hernandez has been in the films Crown of Tears, Cuna de Lobos, and My Demons Never Swore Solitude.

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