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Top New Horror Movies streaming in 2023 on theater

New horror movies in 2023 – Discover which terrifying movies will be released in cinemas in the year 2023 with this rundown. As the two genres often cross over, thrillers are included on this list of terrifying movies.

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Do you want to know what upcoming horror movies will be released in 2023? We have compiled a list of the horror movies (and thrillers) that have been scheduled for release in 2023 so far.

However, there will undoubtedly be a larger selection of spooky movies available in 2023. We also know from experience that some films will be withdrawn and never be released in theatres. This is the genuine nightmare of filmmaking nowadays.

However, some genre movies find that a digital or streaming release really has a far higher success rate. Sure, it’s not as renowned, but a director like Mike Flanagan has managed to carve out a successful career working with both streaming platforms (first Netflix, then Prime Video) and theatrical releases (i.e. Doctor Sleep)

As we anticipate that changes may occur, we will periodically update the list of new horror movies in 2023. Both with date modifications and potential platform modifications. In other words, make sure to save this page to your bookmarks to keep current!

So, let we get on with it?! Below is a list of upcoming thriller and horror films that will be released in 2023.



When Cady receives M3GAN for the first time, everything seems to be going swimmingly. The doll imparts important life lessons to her new owner, aids in her grieving process after the death of her parents, and is all in all a lot of fun to be around.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t take long for issues to arise: M3GAN quickly shows indications of being too protective of Cady, and there is no programming in place to prevent her from turning rogue, in part because Gemma hurried her development.

M3GAN, who takes her job as Cady’s defender more seriously, determines it is her responsibility to eliminate any danger, first with a dog, then its owner, and finally with a bully-prone adolescent.

The Pale Blue Eye

The Pale Blue Eye

The Pale Blue Eye by Scott Cooper is a mystery thriller based on Louis Bayard’s 2003 book of the same name. The narrative of the film, set in 1830, includes the murder of students from the United States Military Academy. Christian Bale plays retired veteran detective Augustus Landor, who is asked to look into the killings.

Augustus is assisted in his research by a young Edgar Allan Poe, who is still a student at the school despite having previously published several of the poems for which he would become famous.

Augustus suspects witchcraft and devil worship are at work after discovering the victims’ corpses with their hearts removed. However, Augustus’ superiors at the United States Military Academy urge that Edgar, who had a link with both fatalities, be considered a suspect.

Augustus then starts to suspect the local Marquis family, which includes Dr. Daniel Marquis (Toby Jones), who performed the original autopsy, Daniel’s wife Julia (Gillian Anderson), and their children Artemus (Harry Lawtey) and Lea (Lucy Boynton). This lays the scenario for the concluding act of The Pale Blue Eye.



Sick sparked interest among horror film fans even before it was widely released, thanks to its pandemic-themed slasher thrills. Following a successful run at film festivals, Sick is now accessible on Peacock, where any horror fan may experience the film’s sleek and gory brilliance, skillfully directed by John Hyams (Alone).

Sick is pure serial killer fun, and the script was co-written by rookie Katelyn Crabb and horror legend Kevin Williamson (Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer). Because part of the pleasure in slasher flicks is figuring out who the murderer is and what drove them to such heinous acts, let’s dissect the finale and explain how everything comes together. Remember to put on your facemask!

Snow Falls

Snow Falls

Snow Falls, Colton Tran’s feature directorial debut, lacks effective shocks and compelling characters, failing as both a thriller and a horror film.

The film follows a group of friends who plan to spend New Year’s Eve in a remote cabin away from civilisation. They are stranded in a blizzard, as the title suggests, and must battle for their lives.

With no phone service, power, or methods of requesting assistance, the pals must find ways to stay warm as their sanity deteriorates. Meanwhile, they wonder whether their unusual visions are the result of their dreadful situation, or if something malevolent lurks under the snow.

With such an intriguing subject, Snow Falls might have gone in two directions: embrace the otherworldly or explore human drama in solitude. Unfortunately, the film accomplishes none of these things.

There’s Something Wrong With the Children

There's Something Wrong With the Children

The screenplay by T.J. Cimfel & David White offers a brilliant set-up—two couples go on a camping vacation together to drink, maybe get a bit high, and leave their issues at home. Of course, that final bit is the toughest, and Ellie (Amanda Crew) and Thomas (Carlos Santos) have brought some marital difficulty with them.

Ellie discloses to her friend Margaret (Alisha Wainwright) that she just had a foursome with another couple, and, well, it didn’t go as planned. To assist the couple settle their troubles, Margaret and Ben (Zach Gilford) volunteer to keep their friends’ kids, Lucy (Briella Guiza) and Spencer (David Mattle), for the night. Maybe it will help drive them to have kids themselves.

They’ve been dragging their feet in that area, mainly because of the mental challenges that Ben has lately faced. When are you genuinely ready to have kids? No one is ever 100%. And Cimfel & White employ that common fear as a starting point, but the script doesn’t take enough use of it, making it into something more predictable than it might have.

Teen Wolf: The Movie

Teen Wolf The Movie

In TEEN WOLF, a horrible evil appears with the full moon above Beacon Hills. There is a renewed howling from the wolves, signaling the return of all nighttime shapeshifters such as banshees, werecoyotes, hellhounds, kitsunes, and more.

To fight back against what could be the most powerful and deadly opponent they’ve ever encountered, only a werewolf like Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), no longer a teenager but still an Alpha, can rally both new allies and reconnect loyal ones.

Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool 1

Infinity Pool, written and directed by Brandon Cronenberg (Possessor), will debut at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival in the first month of that year. On January 27, 2019, Neon and Topic Studios will release the picture in theatres.

All of the producers of Infinity Pool previously collaborated on the Princess Diana biopic Spencer, including Michael Bloom (Leave No Trace), Jeff Deutchman (Crimes of the Future), Ryan Heller (The Climb), and Mariah Zuckerman (The Mauritanian).

In addition to Emily Thomas, Hengameh Panahi (Bone Tomahawk), Charlotte Mickie (Funny Games), and Emily Kulasa, main actor Alexander Skarsgrd is listed as an executive producer.

Knock at the Cabin

Knock at the Cabin

While M. Night Shyamalan often creates original material, he has adapted other people’s works on occasion, such as the iconic “Last Airbender” and his most recent horror, “Old.” Likewise, “Knock at the Cabin” is based on Paul G. Tremblay’s book “The Cabin at the End of the World.” According to CNBC, the revelation that “Cabin” is based on Tremblay’s novel was kept hidden for the longest period, presumably to avoid revealing the film’s idea until Shyamalan and his producers were ready.

If you’re curious about the premise, according to Deadline, “a lesbian couple and their adopted daughter have their cabin invaded by four strangers who hold the family hostage and inform them that, to avoid the impending apocalypse, one of them must be slain by the others.” However, one major concern hangs over everything: are these four guys just insane, vicious torturers? Or do they genuinely have superior knowledge of the impending apocalypse? And, if so, are they justified in compelling this family to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey

Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey

Winnie-the-Pooh, created by author A. A. Milne and artist E. H. Shepard, is a lovable anthropomorphic teddy bear that has a particular place in many people’s hearts.

While Winnie-the-Pooh was originally mentioned in a poem by A.A. Milne in 1924, it wasn’t until 1961 that Disney purchased the licencing rights to the name and character, launching one of their most popular brands to date. When writing about Winnie the Pooh, Disney also deleted the hyphens from the title, saving everyone time.

Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh entered public domain in January 2022, which means Disney would no longer have complete control over how this “silly old bear” was portrayed in the media. When writer and director Rhys Waterfield decided to develop Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey, he took advantage of the chance. Waterfield is well-known for producing campy horror-comedy films such as The Legend of Jack and Jill, Spider in the Attic, The Curse of Bloody Mary, and Wrath of Van Helsing. He is now working on various projects in post-production and has had several recurrent collaborations with cast members from his previous films.

Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear

“Cocaine Bear” promises a crazy narrative. The film follows “an eccentric bunch of police, criminals, tourists, and kids meeting in a Georgia forest where a 500-pound apex predator has taken a stunning quantity of the white powder and embarks on a coke-fueled rampage seeking more blow — and blood,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Cocaine Bear” will be a horror-comedy with laughs and blood. The film’s genuine tale is its major draw. Andrew C. Thornton, a paratrooper, detective, and lawyer, used his jet to transport cocaine from Columbia into the U.S., according to Rolling Stone. He overloaded the aircraft on one run and had to drop coke packets into the forest below.

A unfortunate bear found the nose candy and ate $15 million of it. The bear OD’d. Thornton also died horribly. Thornton leaped from his aircraft after realising he had to bail, but his parachute didn’t release (Lexington Herald Leader). Some unfortunate person discovered Thornton splattered all over his driveway. The New York Times reported on this larger-than-life drama, which is now being adapted into a crazier film.

Scream VI

Scream VI

Scream VI this film is set to take place in New York City. All the movies that came before it took place in and around the fictional town of Woodsboro, California, so this will be the first time the franchise is branching out to other locations.

The official synopsis reads: “The Scream saga continues with the four survivors of the Ghostface killings as they leave Woodsboro behind and start a fresh chapter.”

“In a city of millions, no one hears you scream,” the tagline of Scream 6 reads in the first teaser trailer. In the brief footage, Ghostface attacks Mindy when she’s on the subway. The poster features Ghostface’s reflection in the window of a New York City subway.

Scream VI director Tyler Gillett revealed to EW that the four survivors have “all come to New York to go to school. One of the things that were so exciting to us was bringing the story and bringing this slasher icon into a new location.

Beau Is Afraid

Beau Is Afraid

The setting of this film is New York City. This will be the first film in the series to take place outside of the fictitious California town of Woodsboro, making it the first time the franchise has expanded into new territories.

According to the official summary, “The Scream narrative continues with the four survivors of the Ghostface murders as they leave Woodsboro and begin a new chapter.”

The first teaser trailer for Scream 6 has the slogan, “In a city of millions, no one hears you scream.” In the short film, Mindy is attacked by Ghostface while riding the metro. The poster depicts Ghostface’s reflection in a New York City subway car window.

The director of Scream VI, Tyler Gillett, stated to EW that the four surviving characters “had all travelled to New York to attend school.” One of the most fascinating aspects for us was bringing the tale and this slasher classic to a new setting.



In the 1897 book, Renfield is a prisoner in a mental institution who consumes insects and rats in order to absorb their life powers and achieve immortality. Dracula offers him immortality if he assists the vampire lord in carrying out his orders.

Over the years, the film will examine how this pact degenerated into a poisonous, codependent relationship. It will take a comic approach to these subjects, purportedly influenced in part by Taika Waititi’s mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows.

Renfield has featured in more than 20 adaptations of the original work, but this is possibly the first time he has fought back against his position in life.

Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise relocates the action from the woods to the city. Two estranged sisters, Alyssa Sutherland, and Lily Sullivan, are thrust into a battle for existence by flesh-possessing demons in this story.

According to Campbell, the subsequent picture will not be connected to its predecessors. The protagonist will be a woman and the film will be set in a city, unlike the previous films, which were shot in a wood cabin.

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion

The wife of real estate agent Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) accuses him of neglecting their children (Marc John Jefferies and Aree Davis), so he takes the family on vacation.

Along the way, the family visits a terrible house that Jim has been asked to sell, only to discover that it is haunted by Master Gracey (Nathaniel Parker), his strict butler Ramsley (Terence Stamp), and two other slaves who need help breaking a spell.



The thriller “Cuckoo” is about an old professor who is enamoured with his outstanding pupil. Polly is stuck in a dead-end employment for the invasive Professor Julius Greengrass.

Her relationship with her boyfriend, Chapman, is deteriorating, and her envious sister Jimi is seldom seen away from her side. When Polly gets the opportunity to flee, her loved ones have other plans.

The Exorcist


The girl in “The Exorcist” is Linda Blair. She uses filthy words and urinates in a crowded environment. Regan’s nursing mother brings him to the hospital for various tests, including the “arteriogram” sequence that made many moviegoers sick.

Chris wonders whether Regan will ever change. He thinks her infatuation with his brother may kill them all. Two priests visit the MacNeil house in this horror flick.

The film features a head-spinning, demon-quoting, vomit-throwing Regan. The film is terrifying, with scenes of vomiting and hospitalisation. Without a PG rating, this wouldn’t have happened.

Salem’s Lot

Salems Lot

Gary Dauberman (Annabelle Comes Home), who wrote and directed IT and IT: Chapter Two, wrote and directed Salem’s Lot.

Lewis Pullman, Alfre Woodard, Makenzie Leigh, Bill Camp, Spencer Treat Clark, William Sadler, Pilou Asbaek, Kellan Rhude, Marilyn Busch, Jordan Preston Carter, Nicholas Crovetti, and Cade Woodward star.

In the 1975 horror novel, Ben Mears travels to Jerusalem’s Lot to write about a mansion that has plagued him since boyhood and finds his remote community overrun with vampires. Mears rallies a few Christians to fight the vampires while they kill more.

James Wan, Michael Clear, Roy Lee, and Mark Wolper are producing the upcoming Salem’s Lot film with Dauberman. Dauberman, Bederman, Scott, and Childs are executive producers.

The Strangers

The Strangers

The 2008 home invasion horror film The Strangers was inspired by actual violent events, including terrible and infamous killings. Real-life violent crimes, such as stunning and cruel killings, served as the basis for the 2008 home invasion horror film The Strangers.

Some of the most powerful horror films of all time do not include monsters, ghosts, or other supernatural beings.

The majority of these horrifying images live in the world of fiction, enabling viewers to watch them with a degree of ease.

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