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How Many Grammy Awards Has Taylor Swift Now Won? Looking Back at Her Grammy Awards

During the 66th annual Grammy Awards held on Sunday, Taylor Swift was honored with the Album of the Year award for her work on “Midnights.”

Taylor Swift, a name synonymous with staggering success in the music industry, has not only captured hearts worldwide but has also amassed a remarkable collection of accolades. Among the most prestigious of these are the Grammy Awards, a symbol of supreme excellence in the music field. Swift’s journey through the Grammys is both noteworthy and inspiring, with numerous milestones highlighting her developing artistry and impact.

Swift’s triumphs in this category have always been groundbreaking. In 2010, she shattered records by becoming the youngest musician ever to snag the award with her album “Fearless.” Her victory in 2016 for “1989” distinguished her as the first female to take home the award, and she solidified her status by winning again in 2021 with “Folklore,” becoming the first woman to win the award many times.

How many Taylor Swift Awards in total?

Taylor Swift has received over 500 nominations and won 324 awards since the start of her career. Over the years, Taylor Swift has become a familiar face at the Grammy Awards, with her talent and hard work earning her several of these coveted trophies. As of the latest count, Taylor Swift’s Grammy Awards total stands impressively, marking her as one of the most decorated artists in the award’s history. This tally is not just a number; it represents Swift’s enduring relevance and her ability to connect with both critics and the public.

What awards did Taylor Swift win at the Grammys?

Swift’s Grammy Award victories span across multiple categories, underscoring her versatility as an artist. From her breakthrough win for Best New Artist to her groundbreaking Album of the Year awards, Swift’s Grammy repertoire is diverse. Each win is a testament to her songwriting prowess, innovative musical direction, and indelible impact on the contemporary music landscape.

What is Taylor Swift’s legacy?

Taylor Swift’s Grammy Awards are a clear indicator of her excellence and innovation in music. However, her influence extends beyond the trophies and accolades. Swift has been a trailblazer in the music industry, using her platform to address critical issues, advocate for artists’ rights, and inspire a generation of musicians. Her Grammy total is a measure of her success, but her lasting legacy will be the mark she leaves on the music world and her fans.

Here’s a look back at Taylor Swift’s best Grammy-award moments.

How many Grammy Awards did Taylor Swift win in 2010?

Swift’s Grammy Award nomination came in 2008, when she was nominated as the best newcomer, yet her debut victory wasn’t until 2010 when she clinched the award for Best Country Song with “White Horse.”

Swift bagged three more accolades at the same event, capturing the Best Country Album for Fearless, Best Female Country Vocal Performance with “White Horse,” and the prestigious Album of the Year for Fearless. She became the youngest-ever recipient of the Album of the Year award at the age of 20, setting a historical milestone in the ceremony’s records.

How many Grammys did Taylor Swift win in 2012?

2012 marked a significant year for Swift, as her third album, “Speak Now,” led to major successes at the Grammys. She was nominated for three songs off that album and ended up winning two awards. Both accolades were for her song “Mean,” which garnered her the Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance.

Who won the 2013 Grammy for Best Album?

Who won the 2013 Grammy for Best Album?

In 2013, Swift was honored with her initial Grammy for the best song crafted for a visual medium, thanks to her contribution to The Hunger Games soundtrack with the track “Safe & Sound.”. During the same year, she received nominations for the best country duo/group performance for “Safe & Sound” in collaboration with The Civil Wars and for record of the year with her hit “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” from her fourth studio album, Red. Sadly, she did not secure wins in these categories.

How many Grammys did Taylor win in 2016?

In the upcoming Grammy events, Swift was nominated for a total of seven awards but didn’t manage to win any of them. Nevertheless, Swift turned the tables at the 2016 ceremony.

Swift was victorious in three of her seven nominations at the awards ceremony, securing Best Music Video for “Bad Blood,” Best Pop Vocal Album for 1989, and Album of the Year for 1989. By winning Album of the Year for the second time, Swift set a new record as the first female solo artist to achieve this feat.

During her acceptance speech, Swift delivered a powerful message about fame. There are going to be individuals on your journey who aim to undermine your achievements or claim ownership of your success and fame,” Swift remarked, directing her words towards the younger women in the audience as she received her award.

“However, if you concentrate on your work and ignore those distractions, one day you’ll reach your destination and realize that it was you and your loved ones who helped you achieve this success, and that sensation will be the most fulfilling in the world.”

Taylor Swift’s Grammy Awards in 2021

From 2017 through 2020, Swift garnered an additional six Grammy nominations, although it wasn’t until the Grammy Awards in 2021 that she finally celebrated a win. Among her six nominations at the event, Swift managed to secure victory with just one, which proved to be a monumental achievement.

She was honored with the Album of the Year award for Taylor Swift’s work on folklore, achieving this distinction for the third time. This victory not only set her apart as the sole female solo artist to have won the category three times but also placed her on the same level as Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and Paul Simon in terms of securing the most wins for album of the year. As she received her award, Swift once again delivered an emotional speech on stage, extending gratitude towards her close-knit team for their constant encouragement.

She didn’t forget to express her appreciation towards her devoted followers, mentioning, “You guys have embraced us in this fantastical realm that we’ve constructed, and the honor will be cherished by us eternally. A massive thank you and our gratitude to the Recording Academy know no bounds. We’ll always remember what you’ve done for us.

Grammys Won by Taylor Swift in 2023

After bagging the Album of the Year award in 2021, Swift was once again in the running for the same accolade the next year with her album Evermore, Folklore’s counterpart. However, this time, it did not secure any awards.

In the 2023 Grammy Awards, Swift saw herself nominated for four categories, clinching victory with the Best Music Video for her short film “All Too Well.” This achievement etched her name in history as she became the inaugural artist to earn the award for a video self-directed solely by them.

How many Grammys did Taylor win in 2024?

Grammy Awards

In 2024, Swift was nominated for six Grammys for her tenth studio album, Midnights. She won two prestigious awards from those nominations, securing the title for the best pop vocal (her 13th accolade) and the album of the year.

During her acceptance speech for the best pop vocal album, Swift seized the moment to reveal her upcoming 11th album, titled The Tortured Poets Department, hinting that she had been dedicating the last two years to its creation.

This achievement marked a significant historical milestone, establishing her as the sole artist to clinch the Album of the Year award four times. Swift expressed her gratitude on stage, stating, “The reward for me is the work,” highlighting her passion for her craft.

She added, “I’m entirely overwhelmed with joy knowing that my work pleases people who have supported me by voting for this award. Continually doing what I love is my greatest wish. I’m deeply thankful for this chance to pursue my passion.” Swift wrapped up her speech with heartfelt thanks.

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