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Ed Sheeran wins a court battle over ”Shape of You” plagiarism accusation

After winning a high court battle over whether he borrowed another artist’s material for his smash single Shape of You Lyrics, the most streamed song on Spotify ever. He has called for an end to “baseless charges” of plagiarism. And Ed Sheeran wins a court battle over the ”Shape of You” plagiarism accusation.

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Sheeran and his Shape of You co-writers, Snow Patrol’s John McDaid and producer Steve McCutcheon, were accused of plagiarizing the 2015 song Oh Why by Sami Chokri and Ross O’Donoghue at a trial last month.

Ed Sheeran wins a court battle over 'Shape of You

British singer Ed Sheeran one of the world’s most prominent musicians who have held a solid hold on pop for a decade with a string of chart-topping tunes – performed over 11 days.

He took the support to defend himself against the charges leveled against him. He had a propensity for plagiarizing other artists’ work without crediting them.

Mr. Justice Zacaroli found on Wednesday that Sheeran “neither-nor plagiarized a sentence from Oh Why, and he was vindicated.

While there were “similarities” between the one-bar phrase in Chokri’s song that repeats the words “Oh why” and the repetition of “Oh I” in Sheeran’s, The judge said that such similarities are “only a starting point” for a copyright infringement claim and that the phrases in the songs have “significant differences.”

Sheeran blasted a growing culture of unfair copyright lawsuits in an Instagram video released with 37.7 million followers following the ruing. Sheeran is one of the world’s biggest musicians in Britain.

Ed Sheeran wins a court battle

“Claims like this are far too common now and it develops a culture where claims are made with the settling will be less expensive than going to court.

Even if the claim is without merit, it’s harmful to the songwriting profession,” he added.

“In mainstream music, there are only so many notes and chords used.” Coincidences will happen when 60,000 songs are posted on Spotify every day, totaling 22 million songs each year. There are only 12 notes available.” I don’t want to take anything away from the sorrow and hurt that both sides of this case have experienced.” The singer continued, “But I want to say I’m not an entity. I’m not a corporation. I’m a human person, and I’m a father, I’m a husband, I’m a son.”

“Lawsuits aren’t fun, and he said he’s hoping that unfounded allegations are likely prevented in the future with this decision.” That has to come to an end.”

Another joint statement from co-writers McDaid and McCutcheon emphasized that no matter “how popular something appears to be,” all three respected and acknowledged the music of their mentors and collaborators.

They claimed the case had taken a toll on their “creativity” and mental wellbeing. “We don’t make songs or perform gigs when we’re involved in lawsuits.” There is an effect on both us and the broader community of composers.”

Chokri and his co-writer Ross O’Donoghue, a grime musician known as Sami Switch, said the “Oh I” hook in Shape of You was “similar” to the “Oh why” by Sami Chokri refrain in their single.

Shape of You was "similar" to the "Oh why" by Sami Chokri

Sheeran and his co-writers asked in May 2018, for the high court to declare that they had not infringed on Chokri and O’Donoghue’s copyright. Sheeran also stated that the claims had tarnished his reputation.

Chokri and O’Donoghue filed their lawsuit two months later, alleging “copyright infringement, damages, and an account of earnings to the alleged violation.” Both parties expected to spend around £3 million on the project.

On Wednesday, the judge dismissed Chokri’s counterclaim and gave Sheeran and his co-writers a statement that they had not infringed on the copyright in Oh Why. Ed Sheeran wins the court battle to support himself.

“As for Mr. Sheeran, the justification for declaratory relief was only increased by the fact that, although the case only concerns (Shape of You).

It was pursued against him on the basis – which I reject – that he is a magpie who copies and conceals the work of other songwriters,” he continued.

Giving Final thoughts

“The experience of being involved in a lawsuit is not pleasant. And I hope that unfounded claims like these will be avoided in the future as a result of this decision. That has to come to an end. Instead of needing to show that we can make songs, we can all get back to writing them.”

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