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Best Songs of Taylor Swift’s Midnights Album, Ranked

The best songs of Taylor Swift’s Midnights were unveiled as a narrative of sleepless nights. In an August announcement, Swift described the album as a “compilation of songs penned in the wee hours,” taking us through a voyage of fears and fantasies, the paths we tread, and the adversaries we confront.

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The context behind Midnights is fitting, considering its timing. Not long after her surprise dual releases, Folklore and Evermore, amid her ongoing project to re-record and enrich her earlier six albums, Swift wasn’t in urgent need to drop another set of original tracks this year. This is especially true given that she’s sitting on enough new music to constitute a small career—much of it yet to be performed live.

However, like thoughts that persist in the stillness of the night, these melodies insisted on being developed rather than shelved for later. Midnight is saturated with the type of introspective doubts, quiet victories, sudden ponderings, and deep reflections that visit us in solitude; Swift was driven to bring hers into the daylight.

On Swift’s latest creation, there’s not a single track to overlook, although it’s apparent that among the 10 tracks of the standard edition, some impress more than others. Here is a modest, initial take on the top songs from Taylor Swift’s Midnights.

“Snow On The Beach” (ft. Lana Del Rey)

One of the most awaited songs from Taylor Swift’s Midnights album,Snow on the Beach,” emerged as a highly anticipated track from the album due to Lana Del Rey’s exclusive collaboration on “Midnights.” Yet, the immense excitement tends to leave the audience feeling somewhat let down by a result that doesn’t fully measure up.

The distinct and angelic vocals of Swift and Del Rey set high expectations, leading the audience to yearn for something more. Swift’s history of crafting songs with a soft and mellow vibe shines through in tracks like “Illicit Affairs” from “Folklore,” which brilliantly employs a raw and emotional bridge to tie it together—something that “Snow on the Beach” lacks as its bridge feels too repetitive.

Yet, in their collaborative efforts, Swift and Del Rey manage to concoct a duet that encapsulates a dreamy and gentle essence, genuinely reflecting the unexpected and beautiful nature of love. Despite her minimal role, Del Rey’s voice brings a crucial airy quality to the refrain.

Even though certain lyrics might not hit the mark perfectly, “Snow on the Beach” emerges as an ideal tune for drifting into relaxation (in the most positive sense) and stands out as the beginning of what promises to be a series of tracks that will find their way onto playlists for many years ahead.

“Bigger than the Whole Sky”

best songs of Taylor Swift's Midnights

Bigger than the Whole Sky,” another “3am” Midnights song by Taylor Swift, is about loss and has some of Swift’s best lyrics on the album. Sadly, like many others ranked towards the album’s lower echelon, it tends to extend a touch beyond the necessary length. Additionally, it’s noticeable for its absence of a bridge—later segments contrast with the initial melody, rendering the piece seemingly more repetitive than it actually is.

The song’s best line is: “Every single thing I touch becomes sick with sadness because it’s all over now, all out to sea.”

“You’re On Your Own, Kid”

Taylor Swift’s saddest song on Midnights,” You’re On Your Own, Kid,” stands out as the track that evokes the strongest sense of yearning on the album “Midnights,” with its opening lines making a clear nod to Swift’s earlier work “Fifteen” from her “Fearless” album released in 2008. The title and the song’s initial segments offer a poignant, solitary glimpse into Swift’s experiences up to this point.

Despite the persistent sense of solitude, the track concludes on a note of perseverance. Swift communicates to the audience that, at times, being on your own is not only inevitable but also perfectly acceptable. This piece stands as the pinnacle of “Midnights,” and “You’re On Your Own, Kid” is the single track that is a must-listen from the album.

“Sweet Nothing”

The best Taylor Swift song of Midnights, “Sweet Nothing,” immediately captivates the listener, with a gentle piano tune setting the stage for what promises to be a soothing romantic ballad. Much like a comforting lullaby, “Sweet Nothing” embodies the sensation of being encased in a cocoon with a cherished one.

Swift, through her lyrics, highlights the small, seemingly trivial aspects of her life with her significant other that hold deep significance for her. Despite the chaos and constant demands from the outside world, Swift finds solace in knowing she has a place and a person to return to.


One of the most familiar songs on Midnights, The melodic beauty of “Labyrinth” is captivating, and Swift’s singing has an ethereal quality that perfectly complements it. However, as the longest among the initial tracks, its consistent slow rhythm blends the piece a bit too seamlessly. This causes most sections of the track to mirror each other closely, leading to a sense of elongation towards its conclusion.


Both tracks explore the theme of losing a beloved, with “Maroon” representing a deeper shade than “Red,” as the title suggests. Contrary to “Red,” which reminisces with vibrancy, “Maroon” embodies a somber tone, guiding listeners through the sorrowful recollections of the liaison.

The heavy production, though occasionally feeling repetitive, contributes to the melancholic atmosphere. There was a risk of “Maroon” appearing dull, but once more, Swift’s emotive vocal performance captivated the audience.  And this is one of the best Taylor Swift songs.

“Midnight Rain”

In “Midnights,” Swift often portrays herself not exactly as the hero, a narrative depicted in “Midnight Rain.” In this track, she unfolds the sacrifices made and the relationships left behind on her journey to success. “Midnight Rain” shines brightly, outperforming “High Infidelity” with its captivating lyrics and impressive production quality. People loved these best Taylor Swift songs.

The song uniquely utilizes autotune to lower Swift’s voice in the initial choruses, creating an unusual effect. Despite being somewhat off-putting at the outset, it cleverly heightens the anticipation for the song’s continuation. Contrary to “Paris,” this buildup proves rewarding, culminating in a soulful bridge and the enhancement of the remaining choruses by Swift’s authentic vocal timbre.


Anti-Hero” embodies Swift’s struggles. The upbeat production misleads listeners, making them believe the track might take a positive turn; however, it remains tinged with melancholy. Swift has previously crafted tracks targeting her detractors, such as “Shake It Off.”

Yet, in this piece, she unveils her harshest critic: herself. It could be easy to dismiss as mere self-indulgence when a star admits they’re the issue, but “Anti-Hero” showcases sincerity through its vulnerability, preventing it from coming off as insincere. Swift elegantly exposes her deepest nighttime ruminations to the public through “Anti-Hero.”


best songs of Taylor Swift's Midnights

Many evenings are spent immersed in Swift’s introspections through “Midnights,” yet it is in “Karma” that she lays her uncertainties to bed. Her buoyancy isn’t just palpable but also vibrant, casting a wave of joy and contentment over anyone who listens.

The song boldly confronts a male figure, likely Scooter Braun, whose acquisition of Swift’s original recordings spurred her into re-recording her works predating “Lover.” The combination of defiant lyrics and a lively rhythm unequivocally signals Swift’s victorious stance. And it’s one of Taylor Swift’s best songs.


“Question…?” narrates a tale of delicate probing. Swift is attempting—and not succeeding—to understand why a relationship came to an end. The chorus isn’t so much filled with genuine questions as it is loaded with challenges—a sequence of rhetorical queries unveiling the pain Swift is undergoing.

Despite the lyrics’ aggressive demeanor, which gives the illusion that Swift is in control, the truth is she isn’t. Among the more complex pieces on “Midnights,” the expertly composed “Question…?” stands out as one of Swift’s most accomplished creations to date. And of all the songs on Taylor Swift’s Midnight album, this one is my favorite.

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