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The Best Song About Spokane Title for Taylor Swift’s New Album

Taylor Swift, known for her ability to incorporate emotions and locations into her music, has yet to write a song dedicated to the vibrant city of Spokane, Washington. Fans are waiting impatiently for Swift to incorporate Spokane’s unique charm into her lyrical magic on her next album, as rumors about it swirl. In this excursion, we’ll look at Spokane’s cultural fabric, historical relevance, and famous sites to come up with potential song titles for Swift’s next musical project, recognizing the city’s impact on creativity and artistic expression.

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Artists and musicians find endless inspiration in Spokane’s rich cultural legacy, which is nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Spokane, with its lively downtown core, attractive riverfront, and spectacular natural environs, provides plenty of inspiration for Swift’s next song.

If you see everyone from the past year, they’ve been speaking about one star more and more: Taylor Swift. That girl is pure music power, she got four re-recorded albums, and a new album, released. All these in less than three years, yes! And there’s another one coming in April. And oh boy, she has also been through a 152-stop world tour that took more than one year!!!!

Taylor Swift is everywhere, whether you accept it or not. She is all over your life and the internet—without fail, she also reached our Best of Reader’s Poll.

We made it a point to ask our Inlander readers, just for kicks, what would Taylor Swift give a name, if she wrote a song about Spokane? And your feedback didn’t disappoint.

Our first place goes to, “Lilac Haze”? It’s a clever twist on the Swift hit “Lavender Haze” from her 10th album, called Midnights.! In Spokane, we’re proud to be the “Lilac City.”. “Lilac Haze” seems just the right tribute to the fluffy purple flower we love, “All Too Well.”

The rest of the submissions were different and fun! These include “Crying in the Davenport,” “Evergreen,” “Big Red Wagon,” and many titles with the Garbage Goat theme. There were “Garbage Goat Blues,” “Be My Trash Goat (Taylor’s Version),” “Don’t Let the Garbage Goat Bite,” and “Feeding Your Love Letters to the Garbage Goat.”. Then there is “I Wish I Could Feed You to the Garbage Goat” and, most notably, an instant favorite, “I am the goat, you are the garbage.”.

Yeah, Taylor Swift’s romance thing is always a public and media favorite, so suggestions were packed with her new lover, Travis Kelce. “Karma is the Guy on the Spokane Chiefs” was the most clever of all. Oh, and we applaud the solo reader who suggested, what might be a passionate, emotional song: “Travis Kelce Left Me for a Marmot.”. Past tweets showcased his love for feeding bread to “squirle,” which doesn’t seem too far out there.

Guess what the most recurring theme in these song ideas is? “Teardrops Keep Fallin’ in the Potholes,” a mirror image of Swift’s hit “Teardrops on My Guitar,” is really how Spokanites feel about the roads.

We must give credit to the reader who cleverly used, the title of an actual TSwift song, “Sparks Fly,” but call it “Spark’s Fly (Pothole Version).” It’s unexpectedly great!!!

Did you even know that Taylor was in Spokane once? Her Fearless Tour stopped at the Spokane Arena in May 2009. If any of these song titles appear on her next album, she must still remember the impression Lilac City left on her. Flavorful pistachio ice cream is her favorite on a rainy day.

Throughout her career, Taylor Swift has demonstrated a remarkable ability to evolve as an artist, continually pushing the boundaries of her craft and exploring new themes and genres. As she contemplates potential song titles for her next album, Swift may draw inspiration from Spokane’s dynamic character and rich cultural tapestry to chart a new course in her musical journey. Whether channeling the city’s natural beauty, celebrating its cultural heritage, or reflecting on its storied history, Swift has the opportunity to create a song that resonates with fans and captures the essence of Spokane in all its glory.

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