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Taylor Swift fans defend Travis Kelce after he was seen texting during her Singapore Eras Tour concert: ‘Leave him be’

The “Cruel Summer” singer will be performing in Singapore’s National Stadium before taking a two-month break from her tour.

As the Eras Tour of Taylor Swift progresses, her significant other, Travis Kelce, remains steadfast in his support, both when attending her concerts in person and from a distance. During one particular performance, an attendee caught the Kansas City Chiefs tight end in the act of sending a text message. Nonetheless, fans of Swift were quick to shield him from any negative reactions.

Certain followers of Taylor Swift, known as Swifties, have found themselves more fortunate than others in experiencing the unexpected tracks presented during The Eras Tour by Taylor Swift.

During her landmark tour in March 2023, Swift utilized the second-to-last segment of her performance to showcase tracks from her comprehensive discography that don’t make it to the concert’s main playlist. Occasionally, however, Swift has taken this moment in the show to unveil unique blends of her most popular songs.

In November 2023, during a concert in Buenos Aires, Swift initiated a new trend by mixing the tracks “Is It Over Now?” and “Out of the Woods” from her album 1989 (Taylor’s Version). In that same period, she also announced a change in her usual practice of playing a surprise song only once at her shows, promising to extend this feature to more international dates on her Eras Tour.

“In 2024, as we embark on our next tour, I’ve decided to reopen all our tracks for potential surprise performances,” she announced to her audience in São Paulo, Brazil. She emphasized that her complete collection of music is now “open season.”

On March 8, a TikTok user shared a video showing a scene from one of Swift’s performances at the National Stadium in Singapore. During the video, Swift is seen delivering her hit “I Knew You Were Trouble,” while the footage shifts its focus to Kelce, who was observed enjoying the concert from the club seating section of the arena.

The footage captured the NFL player moving in rhythm with the music as he glanced at his smartphone. The TikTok user overlays a caption that reads, “It screams supportive boyfriend.”

Within the commentary section, supporters of Kelce rallied behind his usage of a mobile device, with an individual asserting, “This is practically the singular occasion his hand’s grasped a phone.”

A Swiftie highlighted, “Considering the show lasts for four hours, isn’t he permitted to communicate with someone outside of those who are present?”

In the meantime, someone else remarked, “Even if he glances at his phone briefly, he continues to dance, which indeed makes him an encouraging boyfriend.”

Another person speculated on what Kelce might be sending over text, typing, “‘Hey darling, I enjoy that scene in trouble where you look so adorable, see you soon, arighnaw.'”

Another user on TikTok has mentioned, “Because she didn’t answer her calls during the Chiefs game, I believe everything is alright.”

Finally, a fan of Swift concisely captured the essence, highlighting, “He journeyed for 20 hours just to catch a performance that he’s witnessed three times already in support of her. You ladies are fussing about trivialities!!”

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