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Taylor Swift Announces Eras Tour and Adds 3 Opening Acts to London Shows: ‘A Dream Come True’ for METTE

Performing as an opening act for Taylor Swift is a dream for many emerging musicians

On June 21, METTE will have the opportunity to open the stage for Taylor’s inaugural performance at London’s Wembley Stadium.

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The artist known for “Cruel Summer” revealed three additional acts to accompany Paramore, who has been the primary supporter during the European segment of the Eras tour.

In addition to METTE, the fans can also look forward to seeing Griff on June 22 and Benson Boone on June 23.

METTE shares with BBC Newsbeat that she is acutely aware she’s about to attract more attention than ever before.

the first thing that came to mind was: ‘Oh my, there are going to be so many people in that stadium.’

“And many of Swifties who aren’t familiar with me or my music. This gives me the chance to introduce my music to new audiences.”

For those unfamiliar with METTE’s music, she characterizes her style as pop-infused with a touch of R&B.

METTE, thrilled to open for Taylor Swift on the Eras Tour, calls it ‘a dream come true’.

“This reflects my background and the music I grew up with. If you’re in the mood to dance, wear a METTE.”

Beabadoobee, having opened for Taylor Swift during some of her 2023 tour dates in the United States, can relate to the challenges METTE is about to encounter.

Signed to the same record label as Matty Healy’s 1975, the artist behind Take A Bite has been performing for several years. She discussed with Newsbeat at Radio 1’s Big Weekend how daunting it can be to take on those major support gigs.

“I recall someone assuring me that I would feel fine by the time of the first show.

“But I was far from okay; I was terrified. Each time I set foot on that stage, I was clenching my buttocks.”

“It was really enjoyable, and the audience was very welcoming,” said Beabadoobee.

METTE humorously added, “I’ll be clenching my butt cheeks too since I plan on twerking and dancing.

“But I get why performing in such venues with so many eyes watching can be intimidating.”

Much like Beabadoobee, METTE is well-acquainted with performing on stage but has more experience dancing than singing.

She believes that her experience as a backing dancer will benefit her, as she has previously performed at Glastonbury and Wembley.

“And no, I wasn’t holding the microphone. But those six years helped me become comfortable being seen in that capacity.”

Now, she appreciates being recognized for her music instead.

“I’m just thrilled because, after five years of creating music and writing songs, I finally get to the stage.

“This is genuinely the realization of my dream,” she says.

METTE’s opening act will not be her first encounter with Taylor; they previously worked together on the 2019 film Cats.”

She mentions that it will be wonderful to reintroduce herself.

“It seems like it was ages ago now,” she remarks.

“I’ve always admired her as a musician. Collaborating with her on that film allowed me to witness her exceptional professionalism and talent firsthand.

“But now, it’s like I have the opportunity to present myself as a musician.”

Since I wasn’t creating music back then, which was always a desire of mine, this will serve as an exciting new introduction,” METTE elaborates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is opening for Taylor Swift in London?

Taylor Swift, the worldwide pop phenomenon, has unveiled three new opening bands for her much-anticipated Eras Tour at Wembley Stadium. Swift announced on her Instagram story that Mette, Griff, and Benson Boone will be attending her London gigs, which delighted fans.

Is Benson Boone going to open for Taylor Swift?

Benson Boone, a singing superstar born and reared in Monroe, Washington, will open for the world’s greatest pop singer in London. Taylor Swift revealed on Monday that Boone would be a special guest performer on her London The Eras Tour in June.

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