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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Attend Paul McCartney’s Star-Studded Party

Jimmy Kimmel has revealed additional information about Paul McCartney’s star-studded event, which included music queen Taylor Swift and her NFL star boyfriend Travis Kelce.

On June 26, the 56-year-old and his wife Molly McNearney appeared on The Howard Stern Show, which airs on Sirius XM. During their conversation, they pondered about attending the big celebration. The TV host’s words come only days after discussing the topic with Austin Butler on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

During an episode of his program, Howard Stern inquired about the origins of the party, which had Swift as the DJ, as well as how Kimmel and McNearney were invited.

“It was a party at Paul McCartney’s house,” he informed me. “We were invited to a dinner that night, and then the dinner host was invited to the party, and he said, ‘Why don’t we all go?'” So we attended the party.

Kimmel then addressed his prior statement about Swift being the DJ at the party. “She just had her iPhone and kind of tapped into the house system,” he told me. “It wasn’t like she was hired to work there.”

Kimmel responded with a resounding “yes indeed” when Stern inquired as to whether the “Anti-Hero” singer and her boyfriend Kelce were there at the party.

After the group joked about Kelce’s recent Eras Tour performance, in which he carried his fiancée across the stage, Kimmel revealed that there were many people “dancing in the kitchen” during McCartney’s party, including his wife.

Kimmel said that while surrounded by so many superstars, including Mick Jagger, he didn’t always chat to everyone. “I think what you do at a party like that, you gravitate towards the people you already know and you go: ‘Can you believe that this is happening and we’re here?'”

At the party, McNearney mostly hung out “in the corner” with her renowned pals Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston, as she said before agreeing. “It was just one of those parties where I was completely unprepared,” she said. “I was confused about where to search.”

While she was too shy to strike up a conversation with Bruce Springsteen, another A-lister in attendance, Kimmel said that Springsteen approached her and the two had “a good chat.” Their discussion, he said, was lighthearted, and they “talked about Elvis and just being in LA.”

“Can you believe this party?” he said, describing a moment when they were both shocked. It was a real bash, even Bruce Springsteen said so.

They weren’t expecting almost a hundred guests for McCartney’s celebration, the couple said. Steven Speilberg and his wife Kate Capshaw were among the other visitors they talked to, and they even went into depth about them.

It was on June 17th’s Jimmy Kimmel Live when Butler and Kimmel first discussed the bash. Butler concurred, saying, “That was insane.” Kimmel, 56, said, “The last time I saw you was at maybe the wildest party I’ve ever been to in my whole life.”

“It was like a party where Tom Hanks is going: ‘Oh my God, can you believe who’s here?!'” Kimmel said.

Meeting another famous person at the occasion, Meryl Streep, left Butler speechless, he said.

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