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Stevie Wonder’s net worth in 2024, age, parents, height, weight, and more

Estimated Stevie Wonder’s net worth is $120 million. Stevland Hardaway Morris (born Judkins; May 13, 1950) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer. His full name is Stevie Wonder. His work as a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and record producer spans various music styles, including R&B, pop, soul, gospel, funk, and jazz. Wonder is widely acknowledged as a trailblazing figure whose innovative use of synthesizers and electronic instruments in the 1970s revolutionized modern R&B, effectively turning him into a solo music army.

By weaving in sharp social commentary within the complex arrangements of his albums, he played a significant role in elevating these musical genres to prominence during the album-oriented era. Wonder, who has been blind since birth and has always been a virtuoso, signed with Motown’s Tamla record label when he was just 11 years old, and he quickly gained the moniker Little Stevie Wonder.

Stevie Wonder Biography

Real Name:Stevland Hardaway Morris
Name:Stevie Wonder
Father:Calvin Judkins
Mother:Lula Mae Hardaway
Birth Place:Saginaw, Michigan, United States
Date Of Birth:13-May-50
Age:73 years old
School:Fitzgerald Elementary School, Michigan School for the blind
Zodiac Sign:Taurus
Height:In Centimetres – 184 cm: In Feet and Inches – 6’0”
Weight:In Kilograms – 90 kg: In Pounds – 198 lbs
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Bald
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse Name:Tomeeka Bracy (m. 2017), Syreeta Wright (m. 1970-1972), Kai Millard (m. 2001-2012)
Kids/Children Name:Aisha Morris, Mandla Kadjay Carl Stevland Morris
Net Worth:$120 million

Who is Stevie Wonder?

Stevland Hardaway Morris, known to the world as Stevie Wonder since his birth in 1950, goes far beyond the realm of just a musician. He stands as a beacon of cultural significance, a champion for societal change, and a vivid example of what human creativity can achieve. Despite losing his sight shortly after his birth, Wonder found solace in music, transforming it into an unparalleled musical genius. By the tender age of eight, he had already mastered the piano, drums, and harmonica, mesmerizing audiences with his natural rhythm and deep, soulful expressions.

It was Berry Gordy, the mastermind behind Motown, who discovered the prodigious talent of an 11-year-old Wonder, dubbing him “Little Stevie Wonder.” His electrifying spirit and remarkable gift led to hits like “Fingertips—Pt. 2” and “I Was Made to Love Her,” which not only captured his youthful appeal but also emulated the quintessential Motown vibe. Yet, Wonder’s ambitions stretched far beyond the confines of pop fame. In the early 1970s, he fought for and achieved total creative freedom, ushering in what would be known as his “classic period.”

During this golden era, Wonder carved out his indelible mark on music history. Albums such as “Innervisions” and “Songs in the Key of Life” were nothing short of revolutionary, merging soul, funk, and rock to create something entirely new. With his heart and soul at the core of his music, Wonder tackled themes of love, grief, social justice, and spirituality with unparalleled eloquence. Classics like “Superstition,” “Sir Duke,” and “Isn’t She Lovely” not only highlighted his exceptional musicianship and production skills but became anthems in their own right.

The evolution of Wonder’s music didn’t halt in the 1980s. Incorporating synthesizers into his work, he produced chartbusters such as “Ebony and Ivory,” alongside Paul McCartney, and the Oscar-winning “I Just Called to Say I Love You.” Wonder never shied away from using his influence for the greater good, tirelessly working towards peace, and equality, and advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities.

How did Stevie Wonder become successful?

How did Stevie Wonder become successful?

Stevland Hardaway Morris, better known as Stevie Wonder, was born in 1950 and rapidly became a legend in the music world, leaving a lasting impact due to his brilliance. Despite being blind from birth, he eagerly embraced music, skillfully playing the piano, drums, and harmonica before he turned eight. Berry Gordy of Motown Records discovered him, and by 12, he was already a star, charming audiences with hits such as “Fingertips—Pt. 2” and “I Was Made to Love Her.”

While his initial fame was rooted in pop melodies, Wonder yearned for the liberty to express his creativity. His fight for artistic independence peaked in the early 1970s, initiating what is often referred to as his “classic period.” During this time, he produced albums like “Innervisions” and “Songs in the Key of Life,” solidifying his status in the music industry. Wonder didn’t shy away from addressing complex issues of love, social justice, and spirituality, skillfully combining elements of soul, funk, and rock. Through songs such as “Superstition,” “Sir Duke,” and “Isn’t She Lovely,” his creativity in songwriting, mastery of musicianship, and production skills were unmistakable.

The 1980s marked a period when Wonder began experimenting with synthesizers, collaborated with other artists, including Paul McCartney on the hit “Ebony and Ivory,” and penned the Oscar-winning tune “I Just Called to Say I Love You.” Throughout his illustrious career, Stevie Wonder has been a staunch advocate for various social issues, promoting peace, equality, and the rights of individuals with disabilities.

What is Stevie Wonder’s net worth?

Stevie Wonder's Net Worth

Estimated Stevie Wonder’s net worth is $120 million. Stevie Wonder, an iconic figure in American music, boasts a remarkable career as a musician, vocalist, composer, and record producer. Renowned for his creative brilliance and impactful contributions to the music industry, his music continues to resonate across the globe. Blind since just after his birth, his extraordinary talent was evident early on, leading to his signing with Motown Records at the mere age of 11. Throughout his illustrious career, he has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the top-selling musical artists in history.

His repertoire includes several chart-topping hits like “Superstition,” “Isn’t She Lovely,” “I Just Called to Say I Love You,” and “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours.” Wonder’s musical accomplishments have earned him extensive recognition, including 25 Grammy Awards and a prestigious Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1996. He stands out as the sole artist to have been awarded the Grammy for Album of the Year for three consecutive albums: “Innervisions” (1973), “Fulfillingness’ First Finale” (1974), and “Songs in the Key of Life” (1976).

Stevie Wonder’s Endorsements

Among the most prolific and successful musicians of all time is Stevie Wonder. With over 100 million albums sold worldwide, Wonder is among the best songwriters. He has received 25 Grammy Awards and is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Stevie Wonder’s net worth is estimated at $120 million. He has a property in Alpine, New Jersey, and a mansion in Woodland Hills, California. His earnings from concerts have contributed to his fortune.

In addition, he has received royalty checks from anthologies written by other authors. Stevie Wonder also has endorsements from major corporations such as Apple, Chrysler, Target, TDK, Bud Light, and Duracell Battery. Stevie Wonder’s parents divorced when he was four years old. At that time, he lived with his mother. However, his mother later moved to Detroit. When Wonder was thirteen, he had his first significant hit songs. His first child served as the inspiration for this song, “Isn’t She Lovely.”

Personal Life of Stevie Wonder

Wonder has entered into matrimony three distinct times, fathering nine children with five different partners. His first marriage was to Syreeta Wright, a Motown singer-songwriter, in 1970, concluding in a friendly divorce two years later. Between 2001 and 2012, he was married to Kai Millard, a fashion designer. In 2017, he exchanged vows with Tomeeka Bracy.

Aisha Morris, who came into the world in 1975, stands as Wonder’s firstborn. Yolanda Simmons, her mother, crossed paths with Wonder, seeking a secretarial position at his music publishing firm. Aisha has been immortalized in Wonder’s celebrated song “Isn’t She Lovely?” and has shared the stage and studio for recordings with her father. Wonder and Simmons welcomed another child, a son named Keita, in 1977.

In 1983, Melody McCully welcomed a son by the name of Mumtaz Morris into Wonder’s family. In an anonymous relationship, he has a daughter named Sophia and a son named Kwame. With Kai Millard, his second spouse, he fathered two sons: Kialand and Mandla. In December 2014, Nia, Wonder’s ninth child and second child with Tomeeka Robyn Bracy, was brought into this world. The identity of Bracy’s first child with Wonder remains undisclosed.

Stevie Wonder’s net worth Growth

Stevie Wonder‘s net worth in 2020 was $70 Million

Stevie Wonder‘s net worth in 2021 was $90 Million

Stevie Wonder‘s net worth in 2022 was $100 Million

Stevie Wonder‘s net worth in 2023 was $120 Million

Stevie Wonder‘s net worth in 2024 is $120 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Stevie Wonder?

Stevie Wonder is 73 years old.

What is the net worth of Stevie Wonder?

Stevie Wonder’s net worth is around $120 Million.

What is the height of Stevie Wonder?

The height of Stevie Wonder is 1.83 M.

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