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Shakira goes full throttle in new album post-Pique drama

The Colombian singing and songwriting superstar Shakira is off to a strong start again with her newly announced album “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran,” or “Women No Longer Cry” in English. It is set to be released on March 22. This has been eagerly awaited, as Shakira hasn’t shared any new music since her previous album, “El Dorado.” Her fanbase all around the globe is now waiting with bated breath.

In an Instagram post filled with heart, the singer shared her thanks to her “pack of shewolves,” as she lovingly refers to her fans worldwide. The album is an embodiment of shared experiences, resonating thematically with her past works. Songs like her 2009 hit “She Wolf” are where she originally earned, the moniker “La Loba” or “She Wolf.”.

Aspects of Shakira’s personal life, most notably her split from footballer Gerard Piqué, could have led to significant creative divergence. But this new album is unique. It steps away from the drama of failed romances, to highlight personal strength, resilience, and self-exploration. It’s deemed part of an artistic curve ball that Shakira threw for this album, which is not exactly thematically consistent with her personal life experience, or is it?

Her split from Piqué, her partner of 10+ years, resulted in significant media chatter. While the emotional toll may have the potential to spark artistic motivation, “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran” is released from the remnants of the rife media attention, addressing the drama via songs and lyrics.

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Excitingly, this album features Shakira delving into various musical styles. She experiments with pop; EDM, rock, afrobeats, and música music. This move shows that she is unafraid to push the boundaries of her music, welcome new sounds, and seemingly search for musical liberation.

Launching this album is a milestone for Shakira, considering her recent split from Gerard Pique. Their mutual decision to split ways also led to varied mixed opinions. Candidly sharing her life experiences, she often brings up Pique in various public discussions.

In a Times interview, Shakira digs into her 12-year relationship with Pique and surprisingly revealed, “I put my career on hold for a long time to be with Gerard, so he could pursue his football career.” During an appearance with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, she revealed the delays in her album release and attributed them to her rocky relationship with Piqué. In her words, “I just didn’t have the time. The husband factor played a role. Now that I’m no longer married, I feel free and able to focus on work.”

About the album’s theme, Shakira remarked: “Now is the time for men to shed tears; for too long, women have been performing as per society’s expectations. Concealing our pain from our children and the world.” Despite the challenges of managing her career alongside single motherhood, Shakira displayed a newfound drive to create music: “I want to write songs. An impulse that I didn’t have before has been awakened.”

In the wave of all these changes, Shakira’s focus remains on her two children. Sharing that “My children depend on me, and as a single mother, there’s no one else at home to help.”

“Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran” is Shakira’s brave new artistic statement! It reflects her journey through personal turmoil and creative evolution. Its songs, filled with personal narratives, innovative sounds, and broad appeal, reaffirm Shakira’s international cultural significance. Her passion, resilience, and enduring creativity continue to inspire audiences all over the world, reminding them of the power of music to heal, uplift, and unite.

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