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Sam Asghari says marriage to Britney Spears was ‘God’s blessing’

Sam Asghari expresses his gratitude for his time with Britney Spears, despite being the one to start their divorce proceedings last August. In a conversation with People magazine, Asghari described the experience as a “gift,” noting the importance of “sharing life with someone over a lengthy period.” He admitted that “individuals drift apart and go their separate ways.” Considering the explosive nature of their separation, marked by a heated argument and accusations of infidelity, his remarks might catch some off guard.

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Asghari fondly recalls his past relationship. “I’ve never been fond of the idea that once individuals, who have previously declared their love for one another and shared meals at the same table, split up, they start speaking negatively about each other,” he mentioned. The couple initiated their romantic journey in 2017 and ended up divorcing roughly a year following their marriage in June 2022.

“He has expressed to People that he originates from a region where honoring their history is customary. “Reflecting on it brings me joy. My history has been both a gift and something beautiful.”

Sharing life with another person over an extended period of time is indeed a blessing. However, it’s natural that individuals diverge in their paths and move forward in life,” expressed Asghari, who has been in a relationship with the singer known for “Stronger,” aged 42, since 2017.

Asghari has shared that his growth is ongoing, firmly believing in maintaining an exceptionally upbeat outlook on life. His life experiences have fundamentally molded him into the person he presents today.

Toward the end of December, PETA, which had previously expressed disapproval of Spears for buying a new puppy instead of adopting one earlier in the year 2023, collaborated with Asghari to launch advertisements that appeared to lightly jest about the brief duration of the marriage.

“One of the advertisements featuring Asghari proclaimed, ‘Certain affections endure. Never purchasing dogs,’ which highlighted the fact that he and the ‘Toxic’ crooner were co-caretakers of five canines.”

Despite rumors suggesting his PETA advertisement was a veiled criticism directed at the singer, Asghari has clarified that there is no animosity between him and Spears.

In her riveting autobiography “The Woman in Me,” released in October, Spears described Asghari as “God’s blessing.”

Later on, Asghari mentioned, “That made me smile.”

“He’s extremely proud of her,” he declared to the paparazzi at that moment. “And he hopes she’ll conquer the world.”

I’m not going to undertake that because my experiences have only been positive, and my life has been wonderful. It will forever remain a significant part of my existence, a segment of my story.

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