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R.E.M., Songwriters Hall of Fame: Reunion Decision and Reasons Behind It

For the first time since 2007, R.E.M. performed together, and it didn’t even need “a comet,” as joked about by Mike Mills; all it took was an induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

I had an interview with CBS Mornings just before the event, much of which aired yesterday. However, CBS shared a few more clips on Friday morning, following the induction ceremony and R.E.M.’s surprise performance of “Losing My Religion.” One of these clips showed reporter Anthony Mason noticing the 1991 sheet of lyrics prominently set up in the band’s former rehearsal space in Athens, Georgia.

When Mason asked the band directly whether they intended to perform at the Songwriters Hall of Fame event, Michael Stipe said, “I don’t think we should announce it, because that would really fuck it up.”

Mason said, “But you’re thinking about it?” Mills said, “Sure.” We will go that far. “Is everyone here sworn to secrecy?”

In other parts of the lengthy interview, R.E.M. members talked about what inspired them to become songwriters, what it was like to hear their song “We All Go Back to Where We Belong” (from their final album) recently on an Italian TV show, and how surprised they were when “Losing My Religion” became a hit.

It was “about time,” guitarist Peter Buck quipped, adding: “You know, we created a bunch of very fantastic recordings, and then just unexpectedly we got a smash single off this thing with a lead mandolin. “Go figure.”

R.E.M. also revealed a few additional reasons why they were disinterested in a full-fledged reunion. “I just don’t know what I’d be trying to accomplish if we got back together,” Buck said.

Stipe said, “There was no one last time. And Mills simply responded, “All the reasons you don’t want to do it are still valid. We are fortunate to have—I don’t like the phrase—a legacy that we can leave in place without causing a mess. And you only get that chance once. You can’t go back after you’ve changed it.

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