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“Pink Cancels Bern Show: Apologizes for Abrupt Cancellation, ‘I’m Unable to Continue'”

Pink has decided to suspend her globe tour

The 44-year-old singer stated in an Instagram post on Tuesday, July 2, that she would have to cancel her July 3 show in Bern, Switzerland, after a “consultation” with her doctor.

“I am so sorry that I have had to cancel my show in Bern this Wednesday,” Pink apologized on Instagram for the hiatus in her Summer Carnival tour.

“I do everything I can to ensure I can perform for you every night, but after consultation with my doctor and exploring all options available, I’ve been advised that I’m unable to continue with the show tomorrow.”

She went on to say, “I am so disappointed that we have to cancel,” before assuring that everyone who bought tickets will get their money back. “I was looking forward to being with you and making memories with you and sharing our show with you.”

“Sending love and health to everyone, and I hope to see you soon. The “TRUSTFALL” singer signed off with “P! nk xoxo.”

Pink did not reveal the particular health reasons for the cancellation of the concert.

Pink said in a video released on June 11 that she was “starting the tour off with a stomach bug and my period” as she prepared for her first U.K. gig in Cardiff, Wales. She said in the caption that she had gotten “a little food poisoning.”

“A LITTLE FOOD POISONING CANNOT STOP US. “Let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooooo #whatcramps #summercarnival2024 #spinmefaster,” the singer posted at the time.

Pink’s performance cancellation comes only days after she posted an emotional video on Instagram of bidding goodbye to her 13-year-old daughter Willow at the conclusion of the Summer Carnival tour.

Pink chatted with Willow backstage about her plans for when she gets home in the video, which the singer shared on Friday, June 28. Willow then stated that she would be appearing in a performance of Bye Bye Birdie and shared her ambitions to work in theater and perform on Broadway.

Jameson Moon, 7, and Willow, 7, are Pink and Carey Hart’s children.

The singer’s next performance is slated for Saturday, July 6, in Copenhagen, Denmark. She then continues the European part of her tour until July 25, when she returns to the United States for further gigs.

Why did Pink cancel the show?

Pink, the pop diva, has cancelled her scheduled show in Bern, Switzerland, owing to health concerns. On Tuesday (July 2), the “What About Us” singer announced the cancellation on Instagram, expressing her sincere remorse and explaining that she had to follow her doctor’s advice.

How much does Pink make per concert?

Pink makes a lot of money at each event, although the actual amount varies. On average, she’s expected to earn roughly $3 million every event. However, if you include her full tour profits, the sum may be significantly higher. For example, during her Beautiful Trauma World Tour, her total revenue was reported to be $47 million, resulting in a much higher average per show.

This fluctuation is attributable to variables like as ticket sales and price, which are determined by venue capacity and audience demand. Additionally, tour production expenses might be a factor. Elaborate sets, special effects, and a huge staff might reduce earnings. Don’t forget about product sales, which may be a substantial source of revenue for Pink on tour. So, although $3 million is a decent starting point, the actual figure depends on the circumstances of each concert and tour

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