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Normani Releases Album Dopamine as Fifth Harmony Groupmates Cheer: ‘Let’s Go Mani’

The bond between the Fifth Harmony sisters is strong. In the days after Normani’s album Dopamine was released, many of her former groupmates—including Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, and Camila Cabello—took to social media to express their appreciation for the singer.

The most recent member to provide information about the album is Dinah, who released her solo single “Ocean Song” not long ago. “Congratulations on your first record release! Only terrible bitches put this on repeat,” she said on Monday, before listing her favorite tune from the album. “Take My Time is my mooood AHHHHH!!!” Ally Brooke also congratulated Normani on Monday, remarking on the singer’s Instagram post, “Congratulations on your first album, a milestone.” Meanwhile, Cabello and Jauregui responded to Normani’s remark about releasing the project over the weekend.

Cabello commented, “Putting out a project is vulnerable and difficult, but you are doing it magnificently! Congratulations on your first album, with many more to follow.” Normani responded to the message, congratulating Cabello on her album, C, XOXO, which will be released later this month. “Thank you so much for this.

This means a lot, and I’m really proud of you. “You’re next; let’s go.” Jauregui kept her message short, saying, “Congraaaaats bby girlllll.” On X, she posted, “AHHHHH HAPPY DOPAMINE DAY, BITCHESSS!!! “LET’S GO, MANI.” Normani said, “Ily very much, mama.” Normani said earlier this month that she and Jauregui had recently texted.

“What a journey it’s been,” she said at the time. She also said that she had “suppressed” some of her recollections from being in the group after the difficulties they had as young people. “That is just my method of shielding me from having to deal with things.

But I do recall that it wasn’t all horrible. “Yes, we struggled, but what we accomplished together was truly beautiful,” she remarked. The 5H ladies’ celebration of Normani’s record comes after Normani said that although a reunion is a “possibility in the future,” she is not aware of any plans to do so anytime soon.

Dopamine’s outstanding singles include “All Yours,” “Lights On,” “Big Boy” featuring Starrah, and “Insomnia,” which contains backing vocals from Brandy. “All over Dopamine, Normani owns her pleasure with the pride and confidence of the star she was always destined to be,” said a Rolling Stone review of the album. This story was last modified on June 17 at 10:18 p.m. E.T. will add an Instagram remark from Ally Brooke.

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