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Most Popular Odessa A’zion Movies And Tv Shows

Odessa Zion Segall Adlon known as Odessa A’zion is an American actress, who stars in CBS’s Fam and Netflix’s Grand Army. In this article, we will discuss Odessa A’zion movies and TV shows.

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She was at first given credit under the name Odessa Adlon. Odessa A’zion Movies and TV shows are explained to read. For example, in the fifth season of Nashville, which premiered in 2017, A’zion made her debut as Liv. Her cinematic credits include parts in the movies Ladyworld (2018) and Let’s Scare Julie (2020), both of which are horror movies. She appears in two different episodes of Wayne.

A’zion made her acting debut in the following season of the CBS comedy Fam as Shannon, the younger sister of Nina Dobrev’s character. It was revealed in October 2019 that A’zion plays Joey Del Marco, the main character from Slut: The Play, in the new Netflix series Grand Army. She, along with Odley Jean, garnered a lot of praise for their respective performances.

In the indie comedy film “Mark, Mary, and Some Other People,” A’zion portrayed the role of Lana (2021). She will be seen in forthcoming roles in a number of films in the horror and thriller genres, including Hell House, The Inhabitant, Hellraiser, and For the Night, in addition to the drama Good Girl Jane.

A’zion was given a role in the December 2021 production of Fresh Kills, which is going to be written, directed, and acted in by Jennifer Esposito.

A’zion is originally from Los Angeles, although she also spent time as a youngster in Boston and Neufahrn, which is located in Germany. She is the middle child between Gideon Adlon and Valentine “Rocky” Adlon and the daughter of actress Pamela Adlon and German filmmaker Felix O. Adlon. Her mother is an actress, while her father is a German director. Her maternal grandfather was the American writer and producer Don Segall, who was born into a Jewish family; her maternal grandmother was born in England and converted to Judaism; her paternal grandfather was the German filmmaker Percy Adlon. Her paternal grandmother was born in England and converted to Judaism.

The Charter High School of the Arts was A’zion’s alma mater (CHAMPS).

List of Odessa A’zion Movies And Tv Shows

Better Things (2016)Defiance
What About Barb? (2017)Anna
Love (2018)
Wayne (2019)Trish
Fam Shannon
Milo Murphy's LawOrgaluth
Day by Day (2020)Lili
Grand ArmyJoey Del Marco
Ghosts (2022)Teenage ghost Stephanie
The Tiny Chef ShowOlly

Best movies of Odessa A’zion

Conception (2011)Interview Kid
Ladyworld (2018)Blake
Let's Scare Julie (2020)Madison
Supercool (2021)Jaclyn
Mark, Mary & Some Other PeopleLana
Am I OK? / (2022)Sky
HellraiserRiley McKendry
The InhabitantTara Haldon
Hell HouseEmory Dupree
Good Girl JaneBailey
For the NightTanner Boers
Fresh Kills

The Inhabitant

A young woman who is a descendant of Lizzie Borden struggles with psychotic visions and the start of schizophrenia while a series of murders are happening in a small town.

Genre:Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Release Date (Streaming):7-Oct-22
Producer:Leone Marucci, Petr Jákl
Director:Jerren Lauder
Writer:Kevin Bachar
Cast:Odessa A'Zion, Lizze Broadway, Leslie Bibb, Ryan Francis, Todd Jenkins, Dermot Mulroney

The Inhabitant (2022 Movie) – Official Trailer

Am I ok?

Lucy and Jane have spent the better part of their lives being inseparable, and as a result, they are certain that they know all there is to know about one another. Lucy, however, lets slip a long-held, well-guarded secret when Jane says that she has accepted a job offer in London and will be relocating from Los Angeles. Their decades-long relationship is thrown into disarray as Jane attempts to guide Lucy through the maze of old habits and fresh emotions that she is experiencing.

Genre:Romance, Drama
Producer:Stephanie Allynne, Tig Notaro, Ro Donnelly, Erik Feig, Will Ferrell, Dakota Johnson,Lauren Pomerantz, Jessica Elbaum, Lucy Kitada,
Writer:Lauren Pomerantz
Cast:Sonoya Mizuno, Dakota Johnson, Kiersey Clemons, Whitmer Thomas, Molly Gordon, Jermaine Fowler


A reshaping of the classic horror story written by Clive Barker in 1987, in which a young woman is battling an addiction comes into possession of an ancient puzzle box. She is unaware that the box’s purpose is to call upon the Cenobites, a group of evil supernatural beings from another dimension, but she uses it anyway.

Genre:Horror, Mystery & Thriller
Release Date (Streaming):7-Oct-2022
Producer:Clive Barker, Keith Levine, Marc Toberoff, David S. Goyer
Director:David Bruckner
Writer:Ben Collins, David S. Goyer, Luke Piotrowski
Cast:Drew Starkey, Jamie Clayton, Odessa A'Zion, Goran Visnjic, Hiam Abbass, Brandon Flynn

Hellraiser Official Trailer (2022

Good Girl Jane

A lonely young woman who has trouble making friends in her broken family falls hard for a charismatic drug dealer and gets caught up in his network of teenagers in Los Angeles who sell methamphetamine.

Release dateJun-2022
Producer:Lauren Pratt, Fred Bernstein, Dominique Telson, Simone Williams
Director:Sarah Elizabeth Mintz
Writer:Sarah Elizabeth Mintz
Cast:Gale Harold, Eloisa Huggins, Olan Prenatt, Andie MacDowell, Rain Spencer, Odessa A'zion, Jules Lorenzo, Patrick Gibson, Diego Chiat


The lengthy relationship between Gilbert (Miles J. Harvey) and Neil (Jake Short), who were both geeks in high school, is put to the test when Neil’s dream to convert into a gorgeous and “cool” person comes true. After Neil discovers that he has the look and physique of a model, he makes it his mission to woo the lady of his dreams, Summer (played by Madison Davenport), during her wild house party. Neil and Gilbert go on an amazing night with the assistance of a smooth neighbor named Jimmy (Damon Wayans Jr.), as well as a brand-new Porsche. As the night goes on, it spirals wildly out of control, testing the boundaries of beauty, intelligence, and what’s really important—friendship?

Genre:Comedy, Action, Crime, Drama, Fantasy
Release Date (Streaming):11-Feb-22
Producer:Olli Haikka
Director:Teppo Airaksinen
Writer:Patricia Goren, Ali Moussavi, Olli Haikka,  Eric Goren
Cast:Peter Moses, Damon Wayans Jr, Madison Davenport, Jake Short, Madison Davenport, Miles J. Harvey, Iliza Shlesinger.

Supercool Trailer (2022)

There is a Full list of Odessa A’zion movies and TV shows that she has been a part of during her career. Find out where you can see the most recent movies and episodes starring Odessa A’zion.

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