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“Michael Jackson’s Kids Denied Trust Distributions amid Estate and IRS Dispute”

It will be some time before Michael Jackson’s mom Katherine and his three children—Paris, Prince, and Bigi—receive any funds from his trust because of a continuing disagreement between his estate and the IRS.

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In a May 28 document acquired by referencing the King of Pop’s continuing estate issue, the executors of his will concluded that his beneficiaries would not get payouts as long as the legal problems continued.

The continuing legal fight started when the IRS inspected the estate’s federal estate tax return and “issued a note of deficiency,” saying that the estate “undervalued its assets” and owed “an additional $700 million in taxes and penalties,” according to the filing.

In 2021, the estate contested such levies and prevailed during a tax court hearing. Since then, the estate has filed a move for reconsideration about the court’s valuation of Mijac, which is still ongoing.

 Michael Jackson's Children, Carrying Forward His Legacy with Grace and Resilience."
Michael Jackson’s Children, Carrying Forward His Legacy with Grace and Resilience.”

As a result, the estate’s taxable value has not been calculated. Once it is, the IRS and the estate must agree on the amount of the deduction before a definitive judgment can be issued.

While that process is continuing, lawyers have requested that a part of the estate “remain subject to administration” until the outstanding legal challenges are addressed and distributed to the Michael Jackson family trust.

According to the document, the executors of the pop star’s estate, John Branca and John McClain, denied the request because they could not “possibly determine what amount could be safely distributed at this time.”

Furthermore, the trust “requires that 20 percent of the estate ‘as valued for federal estate tax purposes’ be distributed to charity before the remaining assets of the estate can be distributed to sub-trusts.” The outcome of the issue is “necessary” for determining the charitable gift.

The executors have suggested that the estate use “the family allowance” to support his mother and children until then.

Katherine’s latest petition comes two months after she reacted to her grandson Bigi’s opposition to using money from Michael’s estate to cover her legal bills in an ongoing battle with the executors over the singer’s catalog sale to Sony.

Katherine claimed in the petition that the executors are being too thrifty in how the estate’s funds are distributed to its heirs, and she contended that they can afford to fulfill the expenditures she has requested.

The court document said, “It seems clear too that the executors are holding all of the assets in the estate to keep control over them and to avoid the more liberal distribution requirements of the trust.”

Michael Jackson's Mother, a Pillar of Strength and Love."
Michael Jackson’s Mother, a Pillar of Strength and Love.”

The lawsuit also argued against donating 20% of the estate to charity, stating that “nothing in the trust requires those payments to be made before any preliminary distribution to other beneficiaries.”

Katherine is named as the single beneficiary of a sub-trust in Michael’s will, rather than a beneficiary of the singer’s fortune as the children are.

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