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Mary Lou Retton’s Net Worth: and Why She Had to Crowdfund Her Medical Care

Despite her many honors and achievements, Mary Lou Retton, one of the most decorated gymnasts in American history, could not have surmounted the exorbitant costs of medical care in America without assistance.

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In October 2023, it was reported that Retton, 55, was “fighting for her life” against pneumonia. Her daughters raised over $300,000 through crowdfunding to pay for her medical expenses, including a $50,000 contribution from the wife of businessman Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale.

Because of the fundraising efforts, many individuals were perplexed as to what Mary Lou Retton’s net worth was in 2023. Determine the framework in which her financial situation occurred.

What is Mary Lou Retton’s net worth in 2023?

Although no reliable sources have confirmed this estimate, Mary Lou Retton is believed to have a net worth of $2 million. A person’s net worth includes not just their income but also the value of their assets (including their home, cars, and investments) less their debts and other financial obligations. Even though Retton’s net worth is $2 million, she may not have the financial resources to cover a very expensive medical expense.

How did Mary Lou Retton become famous?

She took up gymnastics at the tender age of eight, and after starting out in Fairmont, West Virginia, she and her family relocated to Houston, Texas. In only a few short years, she had established herself as a strong opponent, capturing many national championships in 1983. She had knee surgery five weeks before the 1984 Olympics, yet she still managed to win a gold, two silvers, and two bronzes. She made Olympic history by being the first American woman to win several gold medals in the same event.

She became the first female athlete to appear on a Wheaties box after her historic accomplishment in the Olympics. She has been an ambassador for a wide variety of brands throughout the years, including Energizer batteries, Purex detergent, Revco pharmacies, Dobie Originals fitness clothes, Hasbro, McDonald’s, Vidal Sassoon hair products, GNC, and many more.

Later in life, Retton became a fixture in the entertainment industry, making appearances in films and television programs and even appearing on Dancing With the Stars in 2018. She also gives speeches to inspire her audiences.

Mary Lou Retton was how old when she competed in the Olympics?

In 1984, at the Los Angeles Olympics, Retton participated as a 16-year-old.

Why was Mary Lou Retton hospitalized?

According to her daughter, Retton was hospitalized with a severe and uncommon type of pneumonia. On Wednesday, October 11th, Retton’s health deteriorated to the point that she could no longer breathe on her own. Her medical history is a closely held secret.

What does Mary Lou Retton do now?

Retton may no longer be actively participating in gymnastics, but she maintains a connection to the sport via her competitive gymnast kids.

A former member of USA Gymnastics, Retton gained notoriety for allegedly lobbying the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein against supporting the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 with other USA Gymnastics members. This was done as a direct result of the widespread sexual assault gymnasts suffered at the hands of Dr. Larry Nassar. Despite attempts by USA Gymnastics and Retton, according to reports, the law was finally approved in February 2018.

On the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act, Retton had a change of heart by September 2018, explaining that her position on the USA Gymnastics Board precluded her from officially opposing the bill at the time. Our trust was betrayed. She later told Access Live, “We were not presented with all the information at all.” That one monstrosity will destroy this sport is tragic. The future of this sport is something I cannot predict at this time.

Does Mary Lou Retton have insurance?

Retton and her family cannot afford the exorbitant costs of her medical treatment since she does not have health insurance. It’s unclear why she didn’t have health insurance, given that she probably qualified for coverage under the ACA if she didn’t have access to insurance via her employment. It is unclear why she does not have health insurance, but possible causes include a lack of funds, the expiration of her current coverage, or other personal circumstances.

Even though Retton’s social media sites don’t presently display any such opinions, rumors have circulated that she has campaigned against the Affordable Care Act and is opposed to the COVID-19 vaccination. At the 2004 Republican National Convention, she last made any kind of public political comment. During her gymnastics prime (again as a teenager), she was an outspoken supporter of Republican President Ronald Reagan, who regularly appeared beside her in the context of the Cold War and her liberation of Olympic gymnastics gold from the Soviet Union.

Where does Mary Lou Retton currently live?

It has been stated that Retton most recently resided in the Houston region of Texas.

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