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Lana Del Rey’s Confrontation in Paris: ‘Get Away From Me!’

Lana Del Rey apparently confronted a group of individuals who allegedly followed her across Paris

Lana Del Rey lost her cool in Paris Friday when she saw strangers following her around the City of Love.

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In a viral video, the “Summertime Sadness” singer can be seen walking out of a business and acting surprised when she notices someone filming her.

“Don’t,” she says, seeking to pull the phone from the person’s fingers. It’s unclear if the person was a fan or a photojournalist.

Lana Del Rey confronts stalkers in Paris, demanding, "Get away from me!
Lana Del Rey confronts stalkers in Paris, demanding, “Get away from me!

Del Rey, 38, then becomes even more enraged in a different video when she confronts a larger group of individuals, stating, “You followed me and my family! “Get away from me.”

The “Don’t Call Me Angel” singer then begins to walk away before returning to remark, “Oh, you think this is uncalled for?” Do not follow me! “Don’t follow me.”

When another member of the group seems to try to diffuse the tension, Del Rey responds, “I am upset” before repeating, “Don’t let them follow me.”

The “Doin’ Time” singer then explains what has made her so upset, saying, “I only have one day here. I work every day. “I have four hours to myself.”

When a man in the group tries to calm her down by saying, “Don’t scream,” she screams even louder and says, “Shut up!”

After the videos went viral, Del Rey raged more on Instagram, saying, “These a-holes actually told me that they were going to alter the pictures to make me look bad after we got into a fight.”

She also said that the gang was “stalkers.”

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