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Lana Del Rey Teams Up with Quavo for a Country-Inspired Song and Music Video ‘Tough’

Lana Del Rey has returned with a new album influenced by country music, just as she had promised after her successful Coachella performance. Country music is now trending, thanks to hits like Beyoncé, Diplo, Orville Peck, and Kylie Minogue. But Lana is also adding her own unique spin to traditional country music.

Lana’s new song, “Tough,” includes rapper Quavo and combines hip-hop and folk elements, according to reports.

For weeks, Lana has been giving her fan base sneak peeks of the song and even performed it live. Now her new single has a pastoral backdrop to get people in the mood.

“Tough like the scuff on a pair of old leather boots / Like the blue-collar, red-dirt attitude / Like a .38 made out of brass / Tough like the stuff in your grandpa’s glass,” Lana sings with her typical lack of breath.

The song’s lyrics and visual concept both appear to depict the lovers as a pair who are fighting for their freedom from their pasts and are armed to the teeth.

“Tell me how it’s hard for you / Like a nickel on strings and your good old Gibson guitar,” the lyrics say. “Like the songs that your mama sing to you / And the way that it makes you tell the truth / If you come from where you come, then you were born tough.”

We can only guess what the music video will include from Lana and Quavo given their connection; they get dangerously close to kissing in the video.

According to what Lana hinted at during the Billboard x NMPA Songwriter Awards, “Tough” is another example of the music industry turning country, and it is the first collaboration between Lana and Quavo. The song was co-written by Clayton Johnson and produced by Andrew Watt and Cirkut.

As Lana informed the audience, “If you can’t already tell, the music business is going country.” This statement was made in reference to the event’s award winners and performers. “Country is our destination. It is taking place. For the last four years, Jack has accompanied me to Muscle Shoals, Nashville, Mississippi.

Her comment to NME on the industry’s shift to the country was, “Oh my, what can I say now?” ‘Welcome Nashville to Hollywood and Hollywood, welcome to Nashville,’ I exclaimed as I presented Jack Antonoff with his Best Producer of the Year award at the 2024 Grammys. The music industry has really gone country.

Lana believes her project’s title will be “Lasso.” Fans may now get a sneak listen to what’s in store below.

Where does Lana Del Rey get her inspiration from?

Lana Del Rey described herself as “gangster Nancy Sinatra.” Since then, she’s incorporated more and more inspirations into her alluring post-modern pop enigma: the soulful noir of Amy Winehouse, Portishead, and Cat Power; the rough rock of Van Morrison, The Black Keys, and Lou Reed.

What makes Lana Del Rey so famous?

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant is the true name of the American singer, songwriter, and record producer known as Lana Del Rey. In 2011, Del Rey’s first song “Video Games” and subsequent album “Born to Die” catapulted her to stardom. She rose to fame thanks to her wistful pop sound.

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