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Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Atlas co-star Simu Liu shuts down Ben Affleck’s divorce question during a press tour in Mexico: ‘You Know Better Than That’

Jennifer Lopez remains dedicated to her work. The 54-year-old actress and producer was in Mexico City on Wednesday, May 22, to promote her latest Netflix movie, Atlas, when a reporter interrupted the event by asking a personal question rather than a professional one.

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Jennifer Lopez and her “Atlas” co-star Simu Liu were quick to shut down a reporter during a press event in Mexico City for their new Netflix action film when he asked Lopez if there was any truth to the rumors that she and Ben Affleck are getting divorced. Speculation online about Lopez and Affleck’s marital status coincided with Lopez’s “Atlas” promotional tour, including high-profile premieres in Los Angeles and Mexico.

“Is it true that you and Ben Affleck are getting divorced? These rumors?” the reporter, who remained unnamed, suddenly asked amid a room of shocked journalists. “What’s the actual story? For the press in Mexico, what is the real situation?”

“OK, we’re not going there,” Liu promptly responded to the reporter who brought up Affleck. “Thanks a lot. We truly appreciate it… come on, don’t bring that vibe in here.”

Lopez was even more direct, telling the journalist, “You should know better than that.”

“Please, can we not start with that mood?” Liu interjected.

“If I may conclude on one note,” Liu said. “Jen, as the producer of this film, is why I’m here and Sterling was able to appear in this wonderful movie. Jen truly cares. She is passionate about representation and diversity and a leader.”

Lopez wrapped up the press conference by addressing the media in Spanish, saying, “Thank you. No one asked me anything in Spanish, but that’s fine.” She then blew a kiss and smiled, prompting the attendees to laugh.

The actress has been occupied with promoting the sci-fi movie on a streaming platform, all while navigating a difficult period in her marriage to Ben Affleck.

According to a source connected to Lopez, their marriage is currently facing difficulties. Several other sources indicate that the couple has been living separately due to issues in their relationship.

Affleck was absent from the Atlas premiere events, both in Los Angeles on Monday and in Mexico City on Tuesday. Instead, he was seen dining at a well-known Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, while Lopez was overseas promoting the film. This week, both were seen wearing their wedding rings.

Lopez and Affleck first connected on the set of Gigli in 2001 and got engaged, but they parted ways in 2004. Nearly twenty years later, they rekindled their relationship and tied the knot in an intimate Vegas ceremony in 2022.

Liu later expressed great admiration for Lopez, who not only stars in but also produces “Atlas.” Lopez plays a talented data analyst with a deep mistrust of artificial intelligence in the movie, Brad Peyton, the director of “Rampage” and “San Andreas,” directed. She embarks on a mission to apprehend a rogue robot, with which she has a mysterious history. However, the mission soon goes off course, and she must form a bond with an AI robot to survive and save humanity. The film’s ensemble cast includes Liu, Sterling K. Brown, Gregory James Cohan, Abraham Popoola, Lana Parrilla, and Mark Strong.

“If I could leave on a final note,” Liu mentioned to the press during the event. “Jen is a producer for this film, and the reason I am involved, and Sterling is part of this wonderful project is due to Jen’s dedication. Jen is committed to representation and diversity. Jen is a leader.”

“Atlas” will be available for streaming on Netflix starting May 24.

Frequently asked questions

Who is married to Jennifer Lopez?

The pair have been married since 2022 after previously being engaged during a high-profile separation in 2004. Jennifer Lopez has denied rumors that her marriage to Ben Affleck is about to end.

Are Ben and JLO still together?

They married in the summer of 2022 and are currently enjoying their first year as newlyweds. Here’s all we know about Lopez and Affleck’s relationship, from their initial encounter to their reunion 19 years later.

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