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James Brown’s net worth in 2024, age, parents, height, weight, and more

James Joseph Brown was born in Barnwell, South California, on May 3, 1933. James Brown, recognized as the Godfather of Soul, was an influential American personality in the world of music, renowned for his abilities as a bandleader, dancer, singer, record producer, musician, and writer. James Brown’s net worth is $100 million. A background of extreme poverty and numerous family difficulties characterized his early years. During these formative years, his mother decided to part ways with the family, leaving a lasting impact on him. His formal education was limited, ceasing after the completion of sixth grade. The majority of his adolescence was spent in solitude.

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Despite how well-known James Brown might be, details such as his age at the time of his passing and James Brown’s net worth as of 2024 might be lesser-known facts. This shortened biography seeks to provide insights into James Brown’s life, spanning his career, personal life, and achievements. Ready to dive into the facts? Let’s start.

James Brown’s biography

Celebrated Name:James Brown
Full Name:James Joseph Brown
Profession:Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Rapper, Actor, Singer
Birth Date:3-May-33
Birth Place:Barnwell, South Carolina, United States
Age:73 years old(at the time of death)
Date of Death:25-Dec-06
Height:5 feet 6 inches
Weight:68 kg
Marital Status:Married
Spouse:Adrienne Rodriguez (m. 1984–1996), Deidre Jenkins (m. 1970–1981), Velma Warren (m. 1953–1969) Tomi Rae Hynie (m. 2001–2006
Children:Yamma Brown, James Joseph Brown II, LaRhonda Pettit, , Venisha Brown, Deanna Brown Thomas, Daryl Brown, Lisa Brown, Larry Brown, Terry Brown, Teddy Brown
Net Worth:$100 million

What was James Brown’s early life like?

James Brown came into this world on the third of May, 1933, in the humble town of Barnwell, South Carolina. Susie, his 16-year-old mother, welcomed him into the world in a modest wooden cabin with simplicity. The Brown family resided in Elko, a town starkly marked by poverty in South Carolina, before relocating to Augusta, Georgia. James was merely five when they moved, initially dwelling in one of his aunt’s houses of ill repute before shifting to a residence he shared with another aunt.

After enduring a fraught and violent relationship with James’s father, Joseph, his mother decided to abandon the family, ultimately making her way to New York, leaving James behind. Despite these challenges, Brown remained in school until the sixth grade, often finding himself alone for extended periods and resorting to street hustling to make ends meet.

His early exposure to music came through singing in talent contests and performing buck dances for soldiers stationed at Camp Gordon as WWII unfolded. It was during these formative years that he honed his skills on the piano, harmonica, and guitar. By the age of 16, Brown faced a significant setback when he was found guilty of theft, resulting in his imprisonment in a juvenile detention center.

While there, he assembled a gospel quartet with four of his fellow inmates. Following his parole in June 1952, he took a significant step in his musical journey by joining a gospel collective known as the Ever-Ready Gospel Singers.

What was James Brown’s height, weight, and age?

James Brown was born on May 3, 1933. He was 73 years old at the time of his death. James Brown stood at approximately 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm). His weight varied throughout his life, but he was generally around 150 pounds (68 kg).

Did James Brown have a wife and kids?

Brown experienced matrimony four times, initially tying the knot with Velma Warren in 1953. This union produced three sons before their separation in 1969. Following this, Brown entered into matrimony with Deidre Jenkins from 1970 until 1981, during which they were blessed with two daughters. Accusations of domestic violence overshadowed this relationship.

His third conjugal bond with Adrienne Lois Rodriguez was tumultuous and garnered much media attention due to allegations of domestic abuse. The couple parted ways in 1988, only to reconcile and stay married until Rodriguez passed away in 1996. Brown didn’t wait long after her demise to engage Tomi Rae Hynie in 1997 as a backup vocalist for his ensemble, eventually making her his fourth spouse in 2002. Brown was known to have fathered multiple children, confirming nine as his.

When did James Brown start his career?

When did James Brown start his career?

Starting his journey in a group known as The Gospel Starlighters, he soon found his calling and took a significant turn in his career path. The ensemble, later recognized as The Flames, hit the road throughout the southern states, with Brown playing a pivotal role. Their early work, heavily inspired by R&B legends such as Little Richard and Ray Charles, laid the foundation for their musical identity.

In March 1956, “Please, Please, Please” marked their initial foray into the R&B genre, quickly soaring to sell over a million copies. James Brown’s transformation into a solo icon was gradual but groundbreaking. His first major success as a solo artist came with the release of “Try Me” in October 1958, a track that climbed to the top of the R&B charts, becoming the first among seventeen chart-topping hits in that genre.

By 1962, Brown, along with his ensemble, had garnered acclaim with their rendition of “Night Train,” in addition to releasing beloved ballads like “Lost Someone” and “Baby You’re Right.” That same year, in a bold move, Brown funded the live recording of his Apollo Theater performance, persuading Syd Nathan to distribute the album. Released in the following summer, “Live at the Apollo” captured the hearts of many, peaking at No. 2 on the Top LPs chart and making a 14-month-long chart presence.

In 1963, the launch of Try Me Records marked another milestone in Brown’s career. The release of “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” in 1965 not only fetched him his first Grammy but also became one of his all-time hits. His subsequent No. 1 single, “I Got You,” and then “It’s a Man’s Man’s World” closely followed, solidifying his position in the top echelons of R&B and pop music. The transition into the funk genre in the late ’60s and early ’70s was seamless for Brown.

Between 1970-1975, he was affectionately deemed the Godfather of Soul, showcasing his versatility across genres from gospel and R&B to funk and the incorporation of traditional African music elements. The 1970s saw Brown navigate through changing musical landscapes by diving into disco, though these ventures didn’t quite echo the success of his earlier works, which remain more celebrated than disco to this day. 1974’s “Papa Don’t Take No Mess” stood out as his last R&B chart-topping single and was his final song to hit the Top 40 pop singles in that decade.

How much is James Brown’s net worth?

How much is James Brown's net worth?

James Brown, renowned as the Godfather of Soul, was an iconic American figure in the realm of music, recognized for his roles as a bandleader, dancer, singer, record producer, musician, and songwriter. By the time he passed away in 2006, James Brown’s net worth had reached $100 million, accumulated not just from his extensive musical career but also through endorsements with numerous brands.

Starting his career at an early age, Brown dedicated himself to his craft right up until his final days. He played a pivotal role in the evolution of music, significantly shaping the rock, funk, and soul genres. His influence as a 20th-century artist remains profound, with his legacy continuing to earn admiration from fans worldwide.

How old was James Brown when he died, and what did he die from?

Brown unexpectedly passed away from pneumonia in 2006, at the age of 73. Ties to South Carolina: Having been born in the countryside of Barnwell, Brown resided there until he was around five.

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