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French singer and pop icon Françoise Hardy dies at 80

Françoise Hardy, a French singer, actress, and model whose classical beauty and sometimes mournful songs captivated audiences worldwide in the 1960s and beyond, died at the age of 80.

Her son, Thomas Dutronc, himself a singer, announced the death on Instagram, uploading a baby picture of himself with his mother and saying, “Maman est partie.” Or maybe mom has left. Hardy has been battling lymphatic and laryngeal cancer over the last two decades, after being diagnosed with the former in 2004.

In 2023, Hardy was named No. 162 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the best vocalists of all time, demonstrating her continued legacy. She was the sole French artist on the lineup. Will Hermes said that Hardy “epitomized French cool and Gallic heat simultaneously, with a breathy, deadpan alto that wafted like Gauloises smoke.

“Her lyrics complemented her tone: “Writing her own material, which was unusual in the early mid-1960s, especially for women, she also recorded work by masters like Serge Gainsbourg, and her take on Leonard Cohen’s ‘Suzanne’ may be the most evocative ever recorded.” Hermes said that her several record releases “still make existentialism sound impossibly elegant.”

Hardy also worked as a model for designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and as an actor, and he is most recognized by American viewers for his role in John Frankenheimer’s 1966 film “Grand Prix.”. Her movie performances lasted 13 years, from 1963’s “Castle in Sweden” to her 1976 swan song, Claude Lelouch’s “If It Had to Be Done Again.” Other acting credits include “A Bullet in the Heart” and a cameo in “What’s New, Pussycat?”

“I was very naïve and a well-brought-up young woman,” Hardy told the New York Times in 2018, describing a cinematic career she felt unfit for. “I couldn’t understand how I could decline offers from well-known film directors.

However, I favored music over film. Music and chanson enable you to delve deeply into yourself and your emotions, but the movie is about playing a role, a character that may be far removed from who you are.”

Hardy’s first music success, “Tous les Garcons et les Filles” (“All the Boys and Girls”), came in 1962, when she was just 18. In 1968, she scored her greatest English-language hit with Serge Gainsbourg’s “It Hurts to Say Goodbye,” which peaked at No. 1 in the United Kingdom and her home France.

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