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“Cardi B’s Performance at BET Experience Marred by Production Team Issues”

Cardi B has responded to criticism for calling out her production crew

The “Enough” rapper headlined Friday night’s BET Experience concert at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, California. Other acts on the lineup were Gunna, Davido, Sexyy Red, and Jordan Ward.

However, Cardi’s set seemed to be beset by production troubles, which she addressed on stage in the middle of the performance.

“For production, you’re messing up my pyros, the fans are off, and you’re messing up my music.” Fuck, what am I paying you pussy n***as for?” stated Cardi, who is 31. “What am I paying you n***as for?” Put my fucking fan on, bitch. Let’s go.

The Bronx-bred rapper’s words irritated one X user, who said, “I understand that people have families to feed, but I wish we lived in a better world because no one should ever be disrespected like this in the workplace/at all.” This idea is not limited to less glamourous occupations. Celebrities are featured.

“Girl shut up.. when you do a show you don’t pay after you pay before,” Cardi B replied. “I paid $350,000 up ahead; the least they could do was prepare my pyro and turn on the fans because guess what??? At the end of the day, that money cannot be returned.

She went on to say, “Don’t be a slob about my show just because you’re comfortable; I’m not slacking off when it comes to paying either. And you have the gall to tell me how to carry myself around socially when you bring up my children and other dead parents for no apparent reason.”

In a subsequent tweet, Cardi explained to a fan that, although she was paid to perform at the event, she was still responsible for paying her production crew, which includes lighting operators, pyrotechnics, music production, dancers, and others.

“I spent 100k on pyro that we couldn’t use because the production team failed to have the fire marshall go over safety with my team which is so simple to do,” she told me. “[I] spent days in rehearsal (sic) memorizing choreography just for them to have the incorrect mix and we had to switch it out… I scheduled four fans to be turned on during Bartier Cardi, but that never occurred… Do you want to know why? Because they failed to attend rehearsals despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of dollars had been invested in this production. “Don’t play with my money in this economy.”

How did Cardi B become so successful?

Cardi B’s ascent to popularity began on social media. Her Vine and Instagram videos were humorous and honest, and she quickly attracted a large following. Her internet presence led to her getting cast on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” which increased her fan following. But Cardi B has always focused on music. She released mixtapes and, finally, her breakthrough smash “Bodak Yellow” in 2017, propelling her to superstardom. Her distinct personality, rapping ability, and hustle all combined to make her a huge hit.

How much does Cardi B charge for a performance?

Cardi B’s performance comes at a high price. According to estimates, her fee exceeds $1 million. While negotiations and her current popularity determine the precise cost, leaked estimates suggest that festival and single gigs may cost anything from $300,000 to $900,000. Booking companies also mention her cost in the millions, with a starting price of $2.5 million to $6 million.

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