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Billie Eilish denies shading Taylor Swift with wasteful vinyl comments

In the hazy world of celebrity headlines and social media speculation, the latest storm brewed in the teacup of Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish’s supposed vinyl vendetta. But wait, let’s hit pause and rewind.

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Billie Eilish explained her views on offering several vinyl editions when fans mistook it for Taylor Swift’s shade.

The 22-year-old singer turned to Instagram to reply to criticism after her interview with Billboard, in which she accused musicians of contributing to climate change.

“Okay, so it would be awesome if people would stop putting words into my mouth and read what I said in that billboard article,” she wrote against a black-and-white backdrop. “I wasn’t singling anyone out, these are industry-wide systemic issues.”

“Eilish admitted to having released her album versions, but asked whether that kind of decision is being made by the artists or by the record labels!!!

“So, when speaking about the variants, numerous artists are releasing them, and this includes me, which was something I said parrot-fashion in the article.” She added a bit of something to bite on: “The climate crisis is tomorrow, and it’s with regards to all of us being part of the problem and trying to do more good.”

“During her talk with Billboard, Eilish, pointed out, “Several of the great artists worldwide, making a whopping 40 different packages of vinyl, each having a unique twist just to inspire you into buying a bit more… It’s quite wasteful, and then that makes me irritated.”

Why does climate change make the earth feel so uncomfortable at times? The Grammy-winning artist’s environmental commitments include being supportive of Reverb’s Music Decarbonization Project, directed at minimizing the carbon footprints of the industry!!!

She went the extra mile to make use of recycled stuff for her album, “Happier Than Ever.”. So, you see, artists are more than just performers; they are like people with opinions and choices.

In a recent Billboard interview, the “Bad Guy” singer highlighted his displeasure with the music industry’s disdain for environmental effects when artists released many vinyl versions with slight packaging modifications.

While Eilish did not mention anyone directly, Swift fans felt she was referring to their hero.  Swift is recognised for re-releasing past albums and providing both physical and digital copies of new projects.

“The Bad Guy,” she sings and confesses; maybe she’s also one of those artists that’s putting out variants of vinyl, even though it’s from recycled things.

“The climate crisis is here, like, now, and it’s all of us that’s kind of part of the problem and wanting to, you know, do better like sheesh,” she said and went on, linked to her some more.

Talking, she voices her annoyance at how “wasteful” some musicians can be and gets to say, “We’re kind of still at a point where you care that much about your numbers, and you even, like, care that much about making money.”

“And it’s all your favourite artists doing that s*** stuff!” she added.

The folks on social media thought it was a shady comment at the Lover singer, who has a habit of releasing several vinyls for her music album.

“Oh, Billie is going to spill, but I hope she’s geared up for what the Swifties are going to do,” a Twitter former fan wrote, responding to her yapping.

“She ripped Taylor apart; it’s making me cry,” the other one claimed.

“Swifties are getting mad in the comments when Billie is 100% on point, and Taylor isn’t the only one doing all this stuff, so why do you think Taylor’s the only one being shaded?!” Another one popped up.

Once upon a time, they lived in harmony, but harmony couldn’t last long.

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