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10 banned horror movies worldwide

The taste of the horror genre is nearly lost in today’s films because of the excessive use of CGI blood and other fillers. However, in the past, several films went to great lengths to create a body-squirming film, but audiences didn’t respond well to it. However, there are several really distressing horror movies that were formerly prohibited but are now, fortunately, accessible online or in certain locations. This next list is perfect for you if you have a strong stomach and are able to overcome mental fatigue. Prepare yourself for tough subjects like sexual assault and graphic scenes in these films.

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Which horror movies are banned in the world?

The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

The gory aspects of the horror mockumentary were too realistic; therefore, it was prohibited. People may experience psychological distress since it is claimed that actual murder shots from a serial murderer were included.

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Is it your desire to see the cannibals impaling and eating a woman? The filmmaker was arrested on obscenity charges since the film appeared so realistic.

Human Centipede 2 (2011)

No one, certainly not me, can fathom why a person would want to transform into a centipede. Even if the first Human Centipede film was horrifying enough, a sequel was produced with even more disturbing content. In any case, the UK and other nations outlawed it.

A Serbian Film (2011)

Due to the disturbing nature of its depiction of child rape, A Serbian Film has been banned worldwide. A prosecutor even considered filing a child pornography charge against the film’s director because of the disturbing content.

Hostel 2 (2007)

All these horrible tortures are occurring in a student hostel, as the name implies. The film was prohibited because it may inspire imitators to follow suit. Resoundingly, no way!

Canibal Ferox, (1981)

In 1981, after the first film had been prohibited, this one was released. It makes sense why. There are some very graphic and perhaps nauseating situations in this film.

The Bunny Game (2012)

A sex worker makes the mistake of leaving with the incorrect man, and then spends days being tormented by him. The film was banned again due to graphic violence that was unnecessary in a horror film. What a revoltingly bad film!

The Exorcist (1973)

Even though many of us would have seen this film, it deserves to be on the list of prohibited horror flicks. Despite this, the film remains restricted, and a high-definition download is difficult to come by. Based on the real-life story of Anneliese Michel, this groundbreaking film shocked audiences in the 1970s.

Possession (1981)

In the film, the female protagonist wants a divorce from her husband. After this, the husband begins an affair with his wife’s doppelganger, and strange things begin to happen. The actress suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and said that one of the sexual sequences in the film traumatized her. It’s one of the most unsettling films ever created, and it was prohibited because of its disturbing psychological undertones.

I Spit On Your Grave (1978)

After being gang raped, a young woman decides to exact her vengeance on her attackers. The narrative is disturbing on its own, and the movie’s staged assault sequence has the potential to give us nightmares. Because of the significant likelihood that this sequence might trigger viewers, the film was prohibited.

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