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20 American Country Music Artists: You Must Listen To

Reflecting on my playlist is always a great way to kick off the new year. With “10 Country Music Artists You Need to Listen to Now” in mind, I’m thinking of broadening my horizons within the country genre. Maybe it’s time to explore some emerging artists or delve deeper into the discographies of established ones. Adding a mix of classic hits and contemporary sounds could make my playlist more dynamic. What about you? Any musical resolutions for the new year?

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Regardless of whether you prefer classic country sounds or lean towards pop country, these up-and-coming artists have something to offer every listener.

20 American Music Artists You Need to Listen to

Devin Dawson

Devin Dawson, a country music artist and songwriter from California, gained prominence with his first single, “All on Me,” which climbed into the top 5 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Dawson’s music interweaves traditional country sounds with contemporary production, and his songwriting frequently delves into themes of love, relationships, and self-discovery.

Released in 2018, his debut album, “Dark Horse,” was praised for its sincere lyrics and diverse sound. Dawson’s unique voice and emotional performances have garnered a loyal fan base in the country music scene.

Morgan Wade

Morgan Wade is a singer-songwriter celebrated for her heartfelt fusion of Americana, rock, and country. Originating from Virginia, Wade’s music stands out for its unfiltered honesty, compelling vocals, and vivid storytelling. She received significant recognition with her first album, “Reckless,” released in 2021, which highlights her skill in crafting touching songs that deeply connect with listeners.

Wade’s songs often delve into themes of love, heartbreak, and personal evolution, drawing from her own experiences to create genuine and relatable music. With her expressive voice and unrefined talent, Morgan Wade has swiftly become one of the most promising figures in modern music.

Caitlin Canty

Caitlin Canty, a gifted singer-songwriter, is praised for her enchanting voice and powerful lyrics. Originating from Vermont, Canty’s music skillfully merges folk, Americana, and roots influences, resulting in a distinctive and stirring sound.

She has released multiple albums, such as “Reckless Skyline” and “Motel Bouquet,” which have received strong critical praise and attracted a loyal following. Known for her storytelling, complex melodies, and expressive vocals, Canty stands out as a notable figure in the modern folk music landscape.

Joshua Ray Walker

Joshua Ray Walker, a country music singer-songwriter from Dallas, is renowned for his introspective lyrics, soulful voice, and engaging storytelling. His music fuses traditional country with elements of folk, Americana, and blues, crafting a distinctive and compelling sound. Walker made a name for himself with his debut album, “Wish You Were Here,” released in 2019, which was praised for its raw honesty and emotional depth.

His songs frequently touch on themes of love, loss, redemption, and the complexities of the human experience, captivating listeners with their heartfelt sincerity and authenticity. With his knack for creating moving melodies and his ability to connect deeply with audiences, Joshua Ray Walker has become a notable figure in the modern country music scene.

Jimmie Allen

Jimmie Allen is an emerging talent in the country music industry, celebrated for his smooth vocal tones, emotive lyrics, and catchy tunes. Allen, who is from Delaware, has endured and persevered on his path to fame. He gained notable attention with his inaugural single “Best Shot,” which reached the top of the Billboard Country Airplay chart, making him the first black artist to debut with a No. 1 hit on country radio.

Allen’s music often mixes classic country sounds with pop and R&B influences, producing a fresh and vibrant style that appeals to a broad audience. His genuine nature as an artist and dedication to storytelling have won over both fans and critics, cementing his status as one of country music’s brightest new stars.

Lainey Wilson

Lainey Wilson is an emerging artist in the country music scene, celebrated for her unique voice, heartfelt storytelling, and Southern charm. Coming from Baskin, Louisiana, Wilson’s music draws deeply from traditional country roots while blending in elements of blues, rock, and Americana. She rose to fame with her debut album, “Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’,” in 2021, which was praised for its sincere lyrics and catchy tunes.

Wilson’s songs often touch on the topics of love, heartbreak, and the simple pleasures of small-town living, striking a chord with listeners who value honest, relatable stories. With her soulful voice and remarkable talent, Wilson has rapidly established herself as one of the most promising new artists in country music.

Muscadine Bloodline

Muscadine Bloodline is a country music pair made up of Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton. Originating from Mobile, Alabama, their music features lush harmonies, sincere lyrics, and a mix of classic and modern country sounds. Muncaster and Stanton connected during college and began playing music together, rapidly attracting fans with their genuine storytelling and energetic live shows.

They became widely known with songs like “Porch Swing Angel” and “Movin’ On,” highlighting their knack for creating memorable tunes and meaningful lyrics. Frequently echoing their Southern heritage and small-town backgrounds, Muscadine Bloodline’s songs strike a chord with audiences who value straightforward, heartfelt narratives.

Hailey Whitters

Hailey Whitters is also part of the Jon Pardi tour lineup, and she’s an act you shouldn’t overlook. Just before the pandemic hit the US hard, Hailey launched her breakthrough album, “The Dream,” in 2020. She has emerged from the pandemic with vigor, releasing her impressive new album, “Raised.” Hailey’s style brings to mind Kacey Musgraves’ earlier work before “Golden Hour,” blending catchy tunes with a rustic and organic vibe appealing to both pop radio and “alt-country” audiences.

Despite any comparisons, Hailey stands out on her own, with her memorable lyrics and melodies. Her songs explore familiar themes like love, small-town pride, and self-assurance, yet her phrasing feels fresh and avoids clichés, making her music both comfortingly familiar and strikingly original.

Margo Cilker

Margo Cilker’s music and lyrical themes frequently evoke the spirit and atmosphere of the American South, despite Margo herself hailing from California and now residing in Oregon. It was in Oregon where she connected with prominent figures in the Pacific Northwest indie scene, such as Sera Cahoone, a former member of Carissa’s Wierd who became a solo artist and produced Margo’s 2021 debut album Pohorylle, and Jenny Conlee of The Decemberists, who contributed keyboard parts.

This blending of influences results in Margo’s music effortlessly bridging the gap between traditional country twang and indie folk sensibilities. She draws inspiration from artists like Gillian Welch and Lucinda Williams, continuing their tradition and naturally straddling genres in a way that defies simple classification. What remains indisputable is that Margo’s songs resonate deeply and endure.

Austin Jenckes

Austin Jenckes is a gifted singer-songwriter celebrated for his emotive voice and sincere lyrics. Hailing from Duvall, Washington, Jenckes garnered national recognition after participating in the reality singing show “The Voice” in 2013. Since then, he has cultivated a dedicated following with his genuine mix of country, rock, and Americana music.

Jenckes’ tracks frequently delve into themes of love, sorrow, and perseverance, drawing inspiration from his personal experiences to craft music that is both intimate and relatable. His debut album, “If You Grew Up As I Did,” highlights his strong vocals and touching songwriting, cementing his status as a noteworthy talent in the country music genre.

Ross Cooper

Countless country musicians have sung about rodeos, but very few manage to capture the genuine essence that Ross Cooper does. He might initially appear as just another attractive performer, but this young man was a professional Bronco rider until an injury forced him to change paths. When he performs his standout track, “I Rode the Wild Horses,” you can sense a raw and sincere authenticity that is increasingly rare these days.

Ashley Campbell

Ashley Campbell is a gifted American artist in the realm of country music. Known for her singing, songwriting, and exceptional banjo playing, she is also the daughter of the renowned country musician Glen Campbell. Ashley has carved out a distinctive place in the music world by blending traditional country elements with contemporary influences, crafting her unique style and sound.

Her music is often noted for its sincere lyrics and melodies, and her proficiency with the banjo adds a unique aspect to her performances. Ashley has launched her solo projects, including both singles and albums, and has partnered with other musicians within the country music genre.

Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis is an American country musician recognized for his unique voice, genuine lyrics, and memorable tunes. He was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and later relocated to Nashville to chase his musical aspirations. His debut single, “Singles You Up,” garnered significant attention on country radio, propelling him into the spotlight.

Davis frequently touches on themes such as love, relationships, and daily life in his songs, which resonate with audiences due to their relatable words and lively rhythms. His first album, “Home State,” came out in 2018 and included several well-received tracks beyond “Singles You Up,” like “Take It From Me” and “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot.”

Since then, Jordan Davis has continued to thrive with additional releases and performances, cementing his status as an emerging talent in country music. His style blends traditional country elements with modern production techniques, attracting a diverse audience.

Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes, an American artist in the country music scene, is renowned for his unique sound, sincere lyrics, and fusion of styles. Hayes, who is from Mobile, Alabama, began his musical career at a young age and absorbed influences from a variety of genres, including country, hip-hop, and pop. Hayes achieved significant recognition with his breakthrough song “You Broke Up with Me,” a hit on country radio that showcased his distinct mix of memorable tunes and genuine storytelling. This single’s triumph thrust Hayes into the limelight, where he quickly became celebrated for his engaging stage presence and dynamic live shows.

In 2017, his first album, “Boom.” was released, featuring an array of lively songs and reflective ballads that highlighted Hayes’s adaptability as a singer and songwriter. Tracks like “Craig” and “90’s Country” reinforced his image as an artist willing to explore beyond the boundaries of traditional country music while honoring its essence.

Beyond his solo work, Walker Hayes has also teamed up with other figures in the country music industry and continues to produce new music that resonates with listeners. His truthful and relatable lyrics, combined with his lively energy, have garnered him a loyal fanbase and praise from critics within the industry.

Kassi Ashton

Kassi Ashton is a gifted American country music performer and songwriter, celebrated for her strong vocals, vibrant personality, and diverse style. Originally from California, Missouri, she gained attention in the country music industry with her debut track “California, Missouri,” which highlighted her distinctive mix of country, pop, and soul influences.

Ashton’s songs frequently delve into themes of self-exploration, empowerment, and personal stories, striking a chord with listeners through their sincerity and deep emotion. Her remarkable voice, characterized by its rich timbre and wide range, distinguishes her as an exceptional singer in the genre.

In summary, Kassi Ashton is acknowledged as an energetic and promising figure in modern country music, ready to leave a lasting mark with her unique sound and boundary-pushing style.

Ian Noe

Ian Noe, hailing from Beattyville, Kentucky, is a gifted songwriter recognized for his evocative storytelling, rugged vocals, and authentic Americana sound. His songs delve into the tribulations, aspirations, and daily lives of small-town Americans, illustrating both the stark challenges and the fleeting moments of beauty within those experiences.

Noe made waves in the folk and American music scene with his debut album, ” The Country,” which came out in 2019. The album was widely praised for its unfiltered sincerity and compelling songwriting, highlighting Noe’s talent for crafting vivid narratives that deeply connect with his audience.

Ryan Culwell

Ryan Culwell is an American singer-songwriter celebrated for his evocative storytelling, sincere lyrics, and soul-stirring Americana sound. Originating from Texas, Culwell’s songs frequently delve into themes of love, loss, redemption, and the intricacies of life in the American South.

His debut album, “Flatlands,” which came out in 2015, served as a catalyst for Culwell’s entry into the American music scene. This debut was praised for its raw sincerity and deep emotional content, highlighting Culwell’s knack for creating touching stories that connect with listeners.

His songwriting stands out for its vivid descriptions and unfiltered honesty, drawing from his own experiences and observations of the world around him. Culwell’s voice, characterized by its gravelly texture and expressive delivery, adds an extra layer of genuineness to his music, fostering a strong bond with his audience.

Kaitlin Butts

Kaitlin Butts is an emerging country music artist and songwriter hailing from Oklahoma. With a foundation firmly rooted in traditional country music and a knack for storytelling, Butts has attracted attention thanks to her heartfelt voice and sincere lyrics.

Her debut album, “Same Hell, Different Devil,” which came out in 2015, served as her entry into the country music industry. This collection highlighted Butts’ talent for merging classic country styles with contemporary influences, creating a sound that is both ageless and fresh.

Butts’ songwriting frequently explores personal experiences, relationships, and life’s struggles, striking a chord with audiences due to its genuineness and relatability. Her lyrics are often lauded for their profundity and emotional impact, drawing listeners into her narratives with every song.

Amythyst Kiah

Amythyst Kiah is an American singer-songwriter celebrated for her mesmerizing voice, compelling narratives, and sound transcending traditional genres. Kiah is a Tennessee-born musician whose music draws from a variety of genres, including folk, blues, country, and Americana, creating a unique and captivating sound that defies easy categorization.

Kiah garnered widespread acclaim with her first solo album, “Dig,” in 2013, which included a blend of original compositions and fresh takes on classic folk and blues songs. Her rich, soulful vocals and skilled guitar work quickly caught the attention of both listeners and critics.

Her songwriting frequently delves into themes of identity, history, and social justice, reflecting her personal experiences as a queer woman of color and drawing inspiration from the challenges and successes of marginalized communities. Kiah’s lyrics are both intensely personal and broadly relatable, addressing the complexities of the human experience with sincerity and compassion.

Sierra Ferrell

An American singer-songwriter, Sierra Ferrell captivates audiences with her vintage-inspired sound, diverse musical influences, and engaging stage presence. Hailing from West Virginia, her music blends elements of old-time country, blues, folk, and jazz, a distinctive and ageless style that resists simple classification.

Her 2018 debut album, “Washington by the Sea,” marked Ferrell’s entry into the Americana and Roots music scene. This album highlighted her extraordinary songwriting prowess, along with her wide vocal range and expressive delivery. Her songs often delve into themes of love, loss, and the human experience, connecting deeply with listeners through their unfiltered honesty and heartfelt emotion.

Beyond her recordings, Sierra Ferrell is celebrated for her energetic live shows, where she demonstrates her vocal talents and instrumental skills. Her magnetic stage presence and charming personality have garnered her a loyal following and praise from critics in the music industry.

Michaela Anne

Michaela Anne, an American country music artist, is celebrated for her genuine storytelling, rich vocals, and classic sound. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, her music uniquely combines traditional country with American folk influences, creating a blend that feels both timeless and modern.

With the release of her debut album “To Know Where” in 2011 and “Ease My Mind” in 2014, she first attracted attention in the country music industry. These albums highlighted her skill in writing heartfelt songs that resonate deeply with listeners, capturing life’s joys and struggles through her music.

Michaela Anne’s songwriting often delves into themes of love, yearning, and self-discovery, inspired by her personal experiences and observations. Her lyrics stand out for their honesty and vulnerability, forging a strong emotional bond with her audience.

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